What is Internet of Things

The Internet of Things can be defined as the interworking of any physical device be it a building or a vehicle or for that matter any item installed with sensors, software or network connectivity. This makes it possible for such objects to collect and exchange data. The concept of IoT has the possibility to influence not only how we live but also how we work. It allows objects from a cellphone or a coffee maker to a jet engine of an airplane to be sensed and controlled over all existing network infrastructure, making it possible for direct integration of all physical objects into computer based systems thus providing increased efficiency, economic benefits and accuracy.

While developing IoT our experienced specialists are willing to apply the new rule of anything that can be connected will be connected by the IoT. They will educate you about the various challenges and opportunities that are already carrying on and also about more devices that could be joined to IoT. One good example is that your car will have access to the calendar knowing the best route to take at any particular time and will be able to notify your late arrival in case of heavy traffic. The IoT has become a main topic of interest among business communities and technology experts. It is expected that at this speed of things over 26 billion devices will be connected with the Internet of Things in the next five years.

The principal components that make IoT a possibility are:


Allows the collection of data along with the storage, processing, instructions and manipulation.


Physical objects become responsive and have the capacity to recover data and also respond to instructions.


This consists of technologies and protocols that facilitate the exchanging of data between two physical objects.

Four steps to start your IoT Solutions

IoT starts with things that are most important to your business. It helps you to coordinate your data in new ways.

Connect and scale all your important assets from low power devices to robotics with efficiency.

Analyze and act on your connected assets that are spread all over. All issues should be solved before they become operational problems.

Contemplate the importance of IoT dashboards. Customize visualization so that access to the metrics is updated in real time and given in the hands of the right people.

Integrating IoT data with your existing business processes and systems like CRM and ERP.

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