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Blink Visa is a simple and structured platform helping tourists to apply for travel visas with ease along with other features for them. Be it visa application, hotel booking, flight booking and other tourist activities, Blink Visa does it all.


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Initial Client Requirement

The initial client requirement was to digitally transform their business process which included visa application, booking hotels, flights and other tourist activities. The client required a software platform where the customers could avail various tourism based services provided by the company, along with managing their customers and attracting more tourists.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

The manual process of visa application is hectic. The client wanted a digital solution for managing visa applications, booking hotels, flights and other tourism activities along with managing customer information. The platform must be capable of verifying the authenticity of the users, process their documents and must handle the payment along with other demands.

Our experienced and talented team came up with a creative solution to handle a huge amount of traffic and process the visa application. We came up with solutions to manage the user information and visa application process, along with various payment mechanisms for the same.

What Did 2Base Produce

Our seasoned team was able to bring the complex visa processing system, along with booking flights, hotels and other tourist activities. Our efficient technology solution interacts with GDS and gets real-time data, maintaining utmost accuracy. The platform we developed is user-friendly, helping the customers to interact better and easier with the system, hence boosting the business.

Challenges and Solutions

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