What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data is used for complex and large data sets that are so challenging that traditional data processing cannot deal with them adequately. Big Data refers to the large volume of data both structured and unstructured that usually overburdens a business on a daily basis. The amount of data does not count but it is the organization of the data that is the important part. Collecting and storing information for analysis has been carrying for ages but in recent times Big Data is being defined in three terms ie Volume, Velocity and Variety.
Our technically qualified experts are a pro in accuracy as far as Big Data is concerned. Accuracy will result in making sensible and better decisions that will result in time reduction, cost reduction, reduction of risks and significant operational efficiency. Big data can be used to detect business trends, prevent diseases, combat crime and much more. In fact the amount of data created and stored globally is just unimaginable so the importance of big data in today’s world is incomprehensible.

Process to Tackle Big Data Analytics


In the present data driven world the strategy including the choice of cloud technologies and big data will make a significant difference in the ability to compete in this competitive world.


Understanding the high level of Big Data reference architecture provides a background for how Big Data complements the existing analytics, databases and systems.

Data Augmentation

Data Warehouse Augmentation or Modernization is about expanding an already existent data infrastructure and leveraging the big data technologies to increase its potential. The three types of data augmentation are Pre-Processing, Offloading and Exploration.

Proof of Concept

The working of big data depends upon the underlying infrastructure, user toolsets and data streams to discover important insights to make sensible decisions and solve the existing business problems.

Sources of Big Data

The data got from a web of connected devices reaches your IT system where it is streamed and analyzed. Here decisions regarding the data to be kept, and what to be eliminated and what needs further analysis is made.

Social media data for marketing, sales and other support functions is usually in structured and unstructured form so analyzing such data proves to be a quite a challenge.

Large amounts of publicity related data are available like the US government’s data, the European Open Portal data or the CIA World Factbook.

Often organizations do not exclude any data when it is being analyzed but another approach is to determine appropriate data before analyzing it.

Always plan a strategy when you have abundant information as making business decisions becomes comparatively easy when you have large amount of knowledge.

Storing and managing your data.

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