Easy Sales Management for an agricultural firm

Easy Sales Management for an agricultural firm

Easy Sales Management for an agricultural firm

The KCPMC application is an android mobile application custom built for sales management and activity tracking in an organization. These application monitors, records and tracks the daily business activities. It is basically a sales management app for business purposes. This mobile app supports better sales plan and efficient customer handling with its user-friendly design.

Platform : AndroidPlatform: Android

CategoryCategory: Business

CountryCountry: India

Our App Development Approach

An efficient sales tracking system for the purpose of business monitoring and updating daily activities was to be designed and developed. The KCPMC mobile application features interactive design and user-friendly interface for easy usage of the app thereby delivering excellent user experience.

  • Tracks Daily Activities

    The daily business activities of all the members of the organisation can be recorded, monitored and tracked using this app.
  • Business Calls and Reminders

    Business related calls can be updated and reminder can be set for getting alerts and for scheduling calls by the user.
  • Placing Business Orders

    Customers can place business orders of the required commodity in bulk quantity after checking the available products.
  • Latest Market Informations

    Daily fluctuations of the rate and availability of different products in different markets can be instantly updated in the app.
  • Collections for Analysis

    The database of daily collection of the products and payment reports can be added at this section for business analysis.
  • Daily Activity Report

    The sales person can submit the daily activity sheet at the end of the day which can be monitored by the admin.

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