Mobile Application Solution for Compatible Roommate Finder.
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About BunkUp

BunkUp is basically developed with a motive of reinventing the way of finding roommates. There are in-app messaging system to communicate with in-mates with an additional feature to add an agent to get help for a new room-space.Specially developed to select personalized matches to find/fill bunk. It enables safe and secure way of connecting bunkmates with social platform login feature.

Login procedures are done using social sites to get better reference of people. Application has customizable features to find a well-matched bunkmate.

Communication platform is enabled for better understanding of bunkmates and also to catch up a roommate of same preference of a bunk. There are certain preference of opting a bunkmate based on their location, age, gender categorization. Communication is safer and secure through the platform. Chat bots are implemented in the application for better communication among the roommates.

Agent access is the additional attraction of the application as this could be a third person accessing the preference details given by people to help in reaching out with an exiting bunk-space.

A complete start-to-finish mobile application solution for those looking for a sublet or a standard lease.

  • Find/Fill a bunk

    Easily login to the application with facebook ID and provide user's prefered details to get a bunk-space.
  • Give bunk details

    User can simply login to the application and update the details of available bunk-space.
  • Give Bunkmate preference

    Application allows a person to choose their bunkmate with customized preference of user's choice.
  • Safe and secure

    Application allows a person to choose their bunkmate with customized preference of user's choice.
  • Leverage Mutual friends

    Application enables to get connected with social platforms to expand the contacts and get trusted bunkmates through social reference.
  • In-app messaging

    Communication platform to get in touch with Bunkmates looking for similar rooms with an additional agent backup for help in finding a bunk suitable for their conditions.
  • Agent Access

    Agents can login and access the details of available bunk-spaces and bunk requests made by users to find a better match for them and connect with them through the chatbots.
  • Connect with Quality

    Users have the option to find roommates to move into their current apartment, to move into their new roommate’s apartment or to connect with quality, peer-reviewed agents to find a new apartment.



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