What is Interactive Tv App

Interactive TV Application is a kind of software installed in any computerized device that can be easily used and manipulated by the user. Today our lives are being defined by smart phones and the Social Media, and TV has become an important part of the social networking scenario. Social TV lets you experience real time engagement with the medium as you do not need to wait for any program telecast a day earlier. Innovative service providers have come up with mobile apps for the entertainment industry readily available for all to see and experience.Our excellent Interactive TV App programmers help to enhance your entertainment experience by giving information on every little detail about your favorite shows, commercials or any other program on TV.

It is very easy for viewers to use their smart phones, tablets or notebook computers to browse TV listings and program their DVR accordingly with Apps like the Comcast’s Xfinity Remote iPad app. The popular TV connected apps let you choose the audio and video content on demand like Netflix and Pandora. But these are being replaced with modern mobile devices that can very conveniently transmit whatever you are playing onto the television screens. As an iOS Remote app can transfer iTunes on to a stereo with the help of an Airport Express, similarly Apple’s Airplay will help to stream any video from any iOS device to a TV by installing an Apple TV set-top.


This is a free app that will work whether you have an iPad or a smart phone be it an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Window Phone. Shazam will help to download a full copy of any song you might not be able to even place. It recognizes music or other media of your interest with just a tap.


With this app you can sync on your favorite shows and also provide detailed information about whatever you like to watch. Besides being free, Zeebox will also inform you about what everyone is seeing on your social network and also lets you all view it together while tweeting or chatting.


This is an app that acts like your caretaker as it samples audio’s of shows you are viewing and checks you in so you can chat with your Twitter and Facebook friends on Viggie’s TV Chat. This App is free on Google play and the Apple Store and will also remind you in case you have forgotten your favorite show.


This app besides letting you watch highlights and clips of your favorite shows will also allow you to watch full length episodes also. This app is again free offering content from also from CNET for viewing.


Clicker is an app that allows you to watch movies and shows online or on your phone and even saves them for watching at a later time.

Playto TV

This app allows consumers to play live games, sports and other prescheduled events along with your favorite TV programs and at the same time compete with friends or people sharing the experience irrespective of the device you are using, be it Mobile, Web, Tablet or Set-top Box.

Advantages of Interactive Tv App

The main benefit of interactive TV Apps is the marketing potential through the use of advertisements as well as developing new apps for iTV and implementing such tools in the office.

Interactive TV apps can help record up to six programs at one time, pause live programs and manage your recordings. Your TV experience can be controlled while using your smart phone or tablet.

You can schedule DVR recordings from anywhere with the help of your computer, tablet or smart phone.

It helps both the viewer and broadcaster to communicate with each other which cannot be done in a simple TV.

Interactive TV educational Apps for children like storybooks and games provide learning experiences for children in a fun way. Interactive apps about science or maths are always better than passive activities like viewing TV. These apps also help in the hand eye coordination of the children.

Managers can effectively develop new interactive advertisements through Interactive TV apps so that consumers can click on these ads to know more about them.

Managers can also create apps to promote their respective businesses while keeping in touch with their customers and also keep up with competitions.

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