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Anjali Fabrics is an online store to buy clothing and apparels for women. The Web Application was developed using trending e-Commerce technology called Magento. Users can inquire about the product through the inquiry form present on the website. There are options for providing discounts, rewards, and vouchers. Visitors can also subscribe to the website’s newsletters. ‘In Showroom’ experience with the option to play music in the background.

Category Category: Ecommerce

Country Country: India

Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The initial requirement of the client was to create a products showcase website where the end user would be able to enquire about the products to the admin. This was the Phase 1 of the project development. In the Phase 2, the requirement advanced further to a full-fledged Ecommerce Portal where the end user can view product categories, products in each category, add them to the Cart to complete the purchase.

Online collection for the Diva in you

Challenges and Solutions

Magento, by default comes with all necessary features for an e-commerce portal, but we only had to keep the product showcase with enquiry option. All other features like cart, checkout, compare etc had to be hidden for now.

What 2Base has done

Keeping in mind of future enhancement, we have developed the site with Magento ecommerce platform and customized it to remove basic ecommerce features from site in Phase 1.

Online collection for the Diva in you

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