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Taking A Boutique Store Online With The Latest Technologies

Anjali Fabric Collections is an ethnic boutique based in Kerala, India. We provided the user with a website that showcases their trendy apparels and dress materials. The web store is built using Magento, a trending e-Commerce technology. Users can inquire about the products through the website. Moreover, the store can provide users with discounts, rewards, and vouchers. Visitors can also subscribe to newsletters. The web store also plays music, giving a complete ‘In-store’ experience.

Category Category: Ecommerce

Country Country: India

Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The client wanted a website to showcase their products and to let the users make enquiries. Later, the requirement advanced further to having a fully-fledged eCommerce portal, where the end-user can view products based on categories, add them to the cart, and complete the purchase.

Online collection for the Diva in you

Challenges and Solutions

Magento, by default, comes with all necessary features for an e-commerce portal. For the initial version, we omitted distinctive features of eCommerce like the cart and checkout as the initial version was just to display the products and make enquiries.

What 2Base has done

We built the website by keeping in mind the possibilities of future upgrades. The site was developed using the Magento eCommerce platform and customized to remove the basic features. The later version was a complete online store with all the features.

Online collection for the Diva in you

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