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Digital Solution To Find The Right Insurance Company

Dubai Insurance Broker (DIB) helps users choose the right Insurance company and plan for all their insurance-related requirements. On submitting their requirements, DIB’s expert insurance professionals will analyze, suggest the right insurance company and policies to the users and provide them with a quote. The application saves the time of the users, allowing them to compare quotes from multiple companies and adding convenience.





Application Features

Initial Client Requirement

The client wanted a system where the users can submit their information and find insurance plans, be it personal, vehicle or any other type, from various companies and choose a plan which suited them. The client required a web app, Android app and an iOS app.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Choosing the right insurance plan is hard for a normal person. The broker should be able to suggest the users with the right company and plan which suits their need and interest.

Our team at 2Base Technologies came up with a solution that let users fill in their details, making a request. Once a request is submitted, the user has to wait for the DIB team to respond with quotes suiting their request from various insurance companies.

What Did 2Base Produce

2Base Technologies overcame the challenges to produce a solution which helped the customers find insurance plans that suited their requirement. Customers can use the DIB website or app to research, compare and buy insurance policies from multiple insurance providers. The platform facilitated their customers to store vehicle details within the application to remind them about insurance renewal and alert them when it nears the expiry date. We have developed an efficient Agent portal which helped the client to collaborate with third-party vendors to increase the business. Finding the right insurance is now an easy and faster affair. With a faster and money-saving system, DIB is able to provide greater customer satisfaction.

Challenges and Solutions

Technology Stack

Our Brains

5 Members (BA/PA/iOS developer/Android developer/web)

Project Duration

4 Months

Happy Customers

Active Customers

Number of policies

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