Teacher Parent Communication App (Skool beep)

Simple & Convenient Teacher Parent Communication App

Skool Beep is a Teacher Parent Communication Platform which provides the communication between Teacher and Parent through the application. It enhances the relationship between schools and parents and reduces all the tedious communication efforts.

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iOS & Android
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Easy way to communicate

Deliver group and private message from school to parent. Configurable two-way engagement.

Multimedia Sharing

Share photos, audio, and video of school activities, celebrations, and events.

Attendance system

Notify student absence as a private message to the parent.Record and tabulate student attendance.


Boosted efficiency

Eliminates time-consuming tasks and reduces the school’s workload.

Centralised system

Streamline and consolidate all school-parent communication into an integrated system.

Optimized communication

Save on bulk SMS, printing & paper costs, managing school diary and software maintenance.


Available in cross platforms

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