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A9 Property is a Tri-Lingual web Application that enables its users to list and see properties that are available for sale. The application defines 3 user roles, which are: Normal User, Private Advertisers, and Agents. Amongst the user roles, Normal User can create an account and search properties for free while the other two accounts come with a subscription.

Category Category: Real Estate

CountryCountry: United Kingdom

Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The Initial requirement was that they require a property listing website with three different user types. The revenue generation of the website was through the Paid Property listings and through agent subscription. Later it was added that the website can also include contact details of resources that a new buyer would require, Revenue can also be generated offline by making these listings paid.

Client Initial Requirement
Challenges and what 2Base has done

Challenges and what 2Base has done

The website was to be made working in three different languages namely Polish, English and Tamil. This was the primary challenge 2Base had to overcome, which it did with flying colors. The payment interface was made secure and hassle free.

Technology Stack

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Project Duration

90 working days

Happy Customers

1000+ Active Users

Multilingual Switch

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