Accommodation Facilitation App

Accommodation Management App

It’s hard for a student or a professional to find accommodation when new to a place. PillerQ aims at simplifying this process of searching for accommodation. A property owner can post the details property on the pillerQ website through seamless steps and then manage the inquiries. A user can check the property details and get in touch with the owner.

Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The initial requirement by the client was to develop a multi-module web application for a user who is in search of the perfect accommodation matching their expectations. The user must be able to compare various properties present in the application and can make an inquiry directly to the property owner from the application.

Challenges and Solutions

What Did 2Base Produce

Our proficient team has provided advanced search filters for easy filtering of properties and delivered world-class web solutions with top-notch features for the accommodation management application. Our simple and minimalistic methodology facilitated for the users to find the application user-friendly.

Technology Stack

Our Brains


Project Duration

2 Months

Happy Customers

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