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A venture of the leading media firm Mathrubhumi, Limitzone aims at providing seamless elevator advertising services for their valuable clients

Limitzone is an advertising agency focused in elevator advertisements to elevate sales and branding of their customers. A venture of Mathrubhumi, one of the leading media companies in Kerala, it is the first company to initiate the concept of elevator advertisement in apartments. The vision of Limitzone is to make sure that each of its client’s brands reaches to the targeted audiences in a meaningful manner. Their methodology is to use cost-effective and optimal method to display ads that produce maximum returns on investment for their clients.

Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The client wanted a web application to create release orders and mobile application for the Operations Persons to capture the images from the lifts of assigned apartments.. The salesperson can monitor the status of the release orders created the can mark the release order as complete after verification. The clients will be provided with an interface for viewing their advertisements being placed in the apartment lifts.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

First and foremost challenge 2Base Technologies faced was to handle the multiple uploads of the operations person from the field. The operations person of Limitzone would upload various photos of the advertisements and sometimes simultaneously. In such cases, all the photos need to be uploaded at the same time in the backend.

The second challenge was the network connectivity. In certain cases, there won’t be Internet connectivity inside the elevators. So, 2Base Technologies had to think of an alternative way of uploading the photos.

What 2Base has done

2Base Technologies used the Python Django framework to create an interactive web app and Android OS for the mobile app. For handling the multiple uploads of the operations person, 2Base Technologies introduced a queuing process, where each photo is uploaded in a standard queue, irrespective of the large number of uploads.

Also, for handling the lack of network connectivity that might be present in the elevator, it introduced a method, where each upload of the photos would be stored in a local database. Once the internet connectivity is activated, the photos stored in the local database will get synchronized to the main server of Limitzone. Here the Limitzone SalesPerson can view the snapshots, that confirms that the ad is displayed in the correct manner.

What 2Base has done

Technology Stack

Our Brains

5 Members

Project Duration

2 Months

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