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Simple And Efficient Channel Manager App

Benya Channel Manager is a simple and streamlined platform which establishes a 2-way communication between the Hotelier and the Channels. The Benya Channel Manager is beneficial in managing hotel reservations, inventories, updating the rates and connecting to distribution channels, all in a single platform.

Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The initial client requirement was to create a Channel Management System along with an iOS application to perform where rate updating, managing inventories, channel connections, reservation handling and reports on a single platform.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

As per the current scenario, the hotelier needs to personally perform duties like updating, managing inventories, channel connections, reservation handling and reports. Moreover, the number of established Channel Managers in the market is quite high. So, the channel manager app created needs to perform complex processes like updating inventories, reservation handling and managing rates. The app needs to be user-friendly too.

Our creative team came up with an innovative solution to easily manage the huge amount of traffic, connections to several OTAs, processing requests and live statuses on a single platform and being user-friendly.

What Did 2Base Produce

The proficient team successfully designed and developed a productive system to simplify the reservation handling process. We created a path-breaking iOS solution where the hoteliers can manage inventories, rates and generate intelligent reports on the go.

What 2Base has done

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1 Year

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