What is iBeacon App Development

We as iBeacon App Developers can open new possibilities for our clients for location awareness and innumerable opportunities for interaction between iBeacon hardware and iOS devices. From providing any information about exhibits at a museum to welcoming people at an event iBeacon can do it all. Designing an iBeacon App firstly involves using slideshows, maps and tables to create an app to match your brand. Then add support for iBeacon to give awareness to the app location in order to deliver targeted content to match the user’s requirements wherever they may be.
There should be satisfactory integration between iBeacon enabled hardware and accessories with the iBeacon technology to ensure an authentic and constant experience for the customers. The power of a beacon is that it allows an app to view the world around it by carefully hearing small signals transmitted from the beacon and also calculating its proximity. The app is thus programmed to act accordingly based on its proximity to the beacon. The misconception that a beacon is on its own able to transmit offers, coupons or other content including videos to a user’s app is true.

Beacons have the capability to create magic but only when they work with apps. Here are a few apps from various domains that have distinctive features, usage and user interactivity.

Launch Here App

This app allows you to automatically carry on your task from your iOS device. You need to place many beacons around your home and the minute you proceed towards a particular beacon the ‘Launch Here’ app will activate the appropriate response.

Proximitask App

This app acts as a link between the reminders on your phone and the beacons placed. Proximitask app thus allows you to generate reminders based on the proximity of the beacons.

BeHere App

The BeHere app uses a new iBeacon technology that is ideal for a classroom. This app enables the teacher’s iPad to turn into an iBeacon that identifies students automatically as they enter the classroom with their iPod or Iphone touch.

Mingleton App

This app encourages people to be more social in real life. This app does not require you to check in before you mingle with people around. There will be less fear of rejection and people will be more open to being social.

At the Ballpark App

This is an app with great features most suited to the sports domain. When a user loads the app on the way to the stadium, the stadium will be immediately identified and once the user reaches he/she will be automatically directed to the relevant seat by displaying the barcode of the ticket.

Safe Site App

This is a very powerful and efficient App suited best for multiple industries used by professionals to access information and analytics with multiple devices. This App has an in-built camera and microphone to detect and record any on site risks and alert managers to respond promptly to dangers.

Advantages of iBeacon App Development

Easy & Simple: iBeacons are proving to be very useful in the retail sector where the shop owners can send promotional offers, rewards and discounts to users who pass by their stores by incorporating beacons with their mobile apps. In the same way restaurant owners too can setup beacons to log information about the number of visits of any particular customer and will recognize them when they enter the restaurant.

Tracking: The iBeacon technology actually detects the satisfaction level of your customers by analyzing the statistics related to every customer. The minute a customer walks in, you can meet his demands without any employee entertaining him.

Automation: When customers enter your store with your mobile app in their smartphones, iBeacon will enable the doors to open automatically. You could even use the app for advertising purposes by informing customers about all new products in the store.

Cost Effective: The hardware if iBeacons is quite affordable and the installation charges are considerably low. The range of iBeacon is 50 meters as compared to NFC that is only 0.20 meters so installing iBeacons proves to be very cost effective.

Micro Location: Although GPS is the most effective for navigation and tracking but it does not work inside buildings. This is where iBeacons micro location feature work very conveniently if you set up tracking and navigation in an office building.

At Museums iBeacons can be used to provide information like maps and details of exhibits or monuments. These can be used effectively at big events, seminars and conferences.

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