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Latest Top 10 IoT and Platforms for Developers

  • Latest Top 10 IoT and Platforms for Developers

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    Internet of things is providing tech companies with a plethora of possibilities. This has made available several IoT platforms to install internet of things applications. While you can find various companies taking the journey into IoT platforms but pioneers like Amazon and Microsoft are leading in this field. An IoT Platform is an array of elements that allow the developers to secure connectivity, deploy apps, sensor management and for remote data collection.


    The List of important IoT tools and Platforms are :


    • Amazon web service (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure IoT
    • ThingWorx Iot Platform
    • IBM Watson
    • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
    • Salesforce IoT Cloud
    • Carriots
    • Oracle Integrated Cloud
    • General Electric’s Predix
    • Kaa

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    This IoT platform will allow the developers to connect with sensors quite easily for multiple applications from home light bulbs to automobiles to turbines with features like device shadows, device gateway, registry for identifying devices along with software development kits for devices.


    Microsoft Azure IoT

    Microsoft Azure cloud service and Azure IoT suite are offered with features like Identity registry, device shadowing, monitoring of information and a rules engine. Azure IoT suite combines with Azure Stream Analytics to process the large amounts of information collected in real time.


    ThingWorx IoT Platform

    This platform has been designed to enable the developers to constantly create and locate game changing apps and solutions for the present tech smart world. It includes features like easy connectivity of various devices, sharing platform for fast development among developers, removes complexity and integrated machine learning for analysis of complex data.


    IBM Watson

    This is an IoT platform already very popular with developers as it is backed by the Bluemix, IBM’s hybrid cloud PaaS development platform. Several features like device management, data storage, safe communications, real time data service and data sensors make it quite favored by developers in deploying IoT applications.


    Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

    This platform is for mobile operators with features like IP session control, voice & data connectivity, customization of reports and bills and SIM lifecycle management. Cisco is now providing internet of things for agricultural solutions in Australia.


    Salesforce IoT Cloud

    This platform focuses mainly on customer engagement having features like sales, services, marketing and apps. It captures opportunities by creating sales orders and also orders repairs automatically when requested. For the purpose of marketing it informs customers by sending texts on their devices.



    This is a PaaS platform used for machine to machine development. It is becoming popular due to its simple and easy integration with other apps with various features like device and user management, custom alarms, data export, debug and log and many more.


    Oracle Integrated Cloud

    Oracle Integrated Cloud platform offers analysis for big real time data, end management, device virtualization and quick messaging.


    General Electric’s Predix

    General electric’s predix is another PaaS platform made for specific sectors like transportation, healthcare, energy and aviation. It helps in the iot app development processing real time data thus assisting in better decision making insight.



    This is an open source platform developed to speed up the deployment solutions of with features like easy direct hardware integration, helps in reducing the marketing time and minimizes the development costs.

    After studying about the fundamental components of internet of things you can select a suitable IoT platform that works best for your specific requirement.


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