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Android 7.0 Nougat Release,Review – Android Nougat

android n

Google officially declared the launch of the latest Android Update, Android N, which hasn’t been named yet. Android N is expected to be the best Android version release with much improvements and brand new features. The tech world is eagerly waiting for the Google’s mobile operating system new update.

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8 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile App

8 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile App-thumb

The trend of using mobile applicationsfor small and medium Enterprises (SME) for their business promotion strategies is quite common today. Compared to the previous timeswhenbusinesses were having just mobile-optimized websites, now they prefer for dedicated mobile apps. This strategy helps a lot in business planning and development.

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8 Reasons Why Mobile App Marketing is Important

8 Reasons Why Mobile App Marketing is Important-thumb-min

The influence of mobile applications is accelerating day by day. With more and more people using smartphones and tablets, the potential of mobile app marketing is witnessing a healthy growth. Because of increasing rate in the development and launch of mobile apps, high competition is existing in the field of mobile application marketing. The success of your app is decided by the marketing strategy you follow.

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The Best Way to Learn Web Design – Web Designing

The Best Way to Learn Web Design - Web Designing

Web designing includes the various skills and technologies in the implementation of websites. Web design is not only about the design stage. It has graphics design, proper coding, interface design, search engine optimization and many other factors. The back-end developers have the authority of coding, which is responsible for the page format.

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Top 10 Methods to Make a Website Attractive | Best Web Design

Top 10 Methods to Make a Website Attractive-min

Websites having old and out-fashioned designs fails to come up in the search lists and have very low rankings. Many business owners dont realize the chances of boosting their products in the market by using a good quality website. Most often, such entrepreneurs will be having websites to introduce as well as to promote their products. But they probably have irrelevant site-design and out-dated contents. The potential of using proper online marketing starts with maintaining a professional website that stands out in the crowd.

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Basic difference between wifi and Lifi – Lifi Vs Wifi

Basic difference between wifi and Lifi - Lifi Vs Wifi

A new method of delivering data, which uses the visible spectrum rather than radio waves, has been tested in a working office. Li-fi can deliver internet access 100 times faster than traditional wi-fi, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigabit per second). It requires a light source, such as a standard LED bulb, an internet connection and a photo detector.

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Top 12 Reasons Why Infographic Can Help You Grow Your Business


The primary goal of any business is to get customers. How could you attract more and more customers? By many ways, you could popularize your business objectives and services to more and more people. If you perform proper advertising and inform others what your business is about, then you will get enquiries for your services.

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