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Get unmatched scalability at operational level from the best blockchain development company. We implement the blockchain solution for enhancing the entire functionality and security of business apps.

Safe & Secure Blockchain Services

In this digital world, blockchain is the next big thing since the world was took over by the internet. Undoubtedly, blockchain is a pioneering invention and it has reinvented the way financial transactions were made online. Deploying a cryptography-based technology, blockchain has made a new gateway for payments through a decentralized environment which is extremely transparent and secure. 2Base Technologies, an innovative software development company is renowned for offering radically futuristic blockchain technology for your business that would give you easy and secure records of transactions. Beyond the financial sector, blockchain is actively used in e-Commerce, healthcare, insurance, real estate, travel and tourism, cyber security etc.

What's in store from Blockchain ?

Irrespective of business domain, 2Base Technologies have the proficiency to develop blockchain based solutions to avail the following key benefits


Stored and modified data are transparent to ensure authorized access.


Experience quick transactions with reduced error-rate.


A massive replicated database which is virtually tamper proof.


Reduced transaction cost as there is no third-party involvement.

Our Specialized Services

We revolutionize your business with our key blockchain development services.

Private Blockchain Development

We implement a private permission blockchain to facilitate supply chain management, financial transactions, and secured data exchanges.

Hyperledger Development

We help you unleash the potential of open source blockchains to support collaborative development of blockchain based distributed ledgers.

POC Development

We create cost-effective and time efficient POC to test your business ideas in a real-time scenario and to identify the potential gaps.

Smart Contract Development

Our experts develop secure and scalable smart coded business contracts to automate the whole process execution.

Cryptocurrency Development

Meet us for developing digitally secure digital currencies for secured online transactions at cost-effective prices.

Effective Workflow

  • Brainstorming : Plan a customer-centric holistic approach.
  • Sketching: We develop a concrete project plan and design a prototype.
  • Coding and Testing: Our expert coders carry out core blockchain development and end-to-end QA testing.
  • Implementation and Support: Successful implementation with pre-implementation and post-implementation support.

Why choose 2Base Technologies for Blockchain development

Technically Forefront With Unrivaled Expertise

Our team of vibrant developers fabricates undisputable niche using cutting-edge technologies and we hold an extensive client base across the globe.

All Under One Roof

Our customized solutions rationalize the transactions in your business ecosystem with an upgraded security, authenticity and transparency.

Customer Centric Customized Solutions

We never believe the myth “one-size-fits-all”. For us, every project is unique and we devise decentralized customizable solutions for each of them as per your requirements.

Guaranteed Response and Support

Our role doesn’t end up with mere application development. We offer prompt response to your queries and extend necessary support to ensure the effective functioning of the application.

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We are the trusted partners for leading business and brands, helping to bring their ideas to life through our innovative technology solutions and products. Below are some of the prestigious products we developed catering to the business needs and services of various industries.

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