In the present entrepreneurial world with a plenty of innovative technology advancements, choosing a right option that can leverage the power of a compact technology solution is a monotonous task. Similarly, a new technology stack has come up as a headway trend for building powerful and dynamic web applications with its power-packed potential resources. It is known to be MEAN stack which is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS

2Base Technologies hold industry standard expertise in streamlining your business application with MEAN stack development. Our expert MEAN stack developers perform a thorough analysis of client’s business and quickly craft bespoke solutions. We fabricate high quality, feature-rich, secured web applications by deploying MEAN stack solutions which adds a winning mastery to the client’s business

Our Core Competencies In MEAN Stack Development

We offer top-notch MEAN stack development services to build highly interactive web applications.

MEAN Stack Back End Development

MEAN Stack CMS Development

AngularJS Design and Development

NodeJS Design and Development

eCommerce Development

ExpressJS Design and Development


MEAN Stack Migration and Support

MEAN Stack Maintenance

Our development process consists of refined steps beginning from the analysis of business and project requirements, modeling designs to meet desired end-product, coding, and testing finally, with a successful deployment and support.

We keep our clients involved throughout our development process to accomplish their business objectives. We ensure to craft MEAN stack applications which enable our customers to successfully expand their online reach and attain a new height of success in the business world.

Get acquainted with MEAN Stack Web Development

It is a Javascript based open source full stack development platform used to build dynamic websites and apps. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. MEAN applications are written in only Javascript for the entirety of the development phases. It is one of the latest benchmarks for rapid full stack development, Being used increasingly by developers as a replacement for LAMP stack. It brings a number of eagerly sought features to the web development process like speedy data delivery and flexible deployment. Boosted by an increasing community of developers and users, the MEAN stack application development largely represents the face of new web development technologies.

mean component

Components of MEAN Stack

mongo DB

It is based on the noSQL concept, where in the data is stored in (key,value) pairs.

express js

Express JS is a JavaScript web application framework to build dynamic websites with efficient features.

angular js

AngularJS is referred as a client-side framework and is used in front-end web development.

node js

Node JS is an open-source and cross-platform web development framework

Why Should You Choose MEAN Stack?

Modernize your business web applications with MEAN stack solutions to avail a plethora of benefits.

Open Source JavaScript

Provide complete programming control with a free and open source JavaScript stack and inherently competent with a wide range of hardware and technologies.

Amazingly Fast

Scalable high-end MEAN stack database is responsible for achieving optimum performance and quick manipulation.


Coding flexibility helps to build customized apps in ease and code reusability feature makes MEAN based programming significantly easier.

Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud integration enables your local data to operate seamlessly with your information and applications in the cloud which significantly saves your time and money.

Secure Architecture

Effectively handles the security threats in the events of heavy traffic and assures information confidentiality.

Reduced Development Cost

The extensive code sharing and reuse within the stack feature helps to reduce the development time, leading to a lower development cost.

Why Hire MEAN Stack Developers From 2Base Technologies?

A pool of talented and expert MEAN stack developers

Successful completion of projects expanding the client base globally

A thorough analysis of customers requirements to ensure customer satisfaction

Strictly adhere to quality standards and timely project delivery

Prompt technical support and reliable reporting system

Competitive pricing with no compromise in quality

Our Technologies

node js
angular js

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