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About Us

2BaseTechnologies is a prominent web and mobile application development Company in India and USA. 2Base has derived its name from the basic binary digits zero and one; with which we speak the language of computers. The Company originally started as an IT consulting service provider in 2009, finally began its full-fledged operations in January 2010. By 2011 March, we started our offshore offices in CT, USA and in Abu Dhabi, UAE by 2011 November. In the year 2013, we started our new venture in Mobile Application Development both in Android and iOS. Presently, We are one of the top web apps development company India and USA. Whatever is your country, industry, product, or service, 2Base Technologies is perfectly capable of making your business outstanding in the market. 2Base Technologies IT services help in streamlining the enterprise activities and make your business achieve success. We guarantee results and ensure that our approach works the best for your business. We have developed a methodology to integrate the competence of digital technology with various industries to help your business grow. Our reliable services offer a complete set of packages to develop, integrate and operate your business on-line through a single mouse click.

What we do

We are the pioneers in web application development India. We provide services in web design and development, web application development and mobile application development. We are proficient in developing Software Applications, Android based Apps, iOS based Apps, E-Commerce Websites, Open source CMS development, Graphic Designs etc. With the reliable and satisfactory services we offer, 2Base Technologies have become one of the top web application development companies in India. 2Base Technologies is committed in creating, maintaining and promoting business to success by incorporating technical excellence with creative expression. We have been developing and marketing a wide range of software products, web and mobile apps which had already hit the market. Our talented team of Project Managers, programmers, Consultants, Database Specialists, Testers and Graphic Designers are devoted in creating professional applications and stunning designs. We focuses on delivering its clients exceptional quality and high professional solutions in all the works we do. We aim at providing cost effective web and mobile application development services and thus achieving mutual growth for our clients, employees, vendors and the organization. In this way, we have become the best web application development company in India and USA.