Top 8 Mobile technology trends - 2017

    Top 8 Mobile technology trends - 2017

    Mobile technology trends are today redefining the way businesses advertise or market their products. In fact it is all about running their business on an everyday basis. Although change and bringing in new technology can be quite unnerving, but the present scenario companies that do not accept changes brought about by mobile technology cannot succeed in this smart phone world. The mobile technology trends in 2017 have definitely had an impact on small businesses globally. Expanding technological innovations, making these apps easily accessible to a larger audience along with declining development costs of apps has made them very popular with both old as well as new businesses.

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    Below we have discussed some of the mobile technology trends of 2017


    • Small Businesses Mobile App
    • Location Based Services(LSB)
    • Perfect set up of Augmented Reality and Utility Apps
    • The Power of Android Instant Apps
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining ground
    • Importance of Mobile Security for Developers
    • App Revenue


    Latest mobile technology trends of 2017


    Small Businesses Mobile App


    It was estimated that in 2017 over 50% of small businesses will create a mobile app due to major success of big companies like Starbucks, Dominos, Subway and 7/11. When these major companies have increased their business considerably after the consumer facing mobile apps, small businesses will tend to follow.


    Location Based Services(LSB)


    As location based service grew at an alarming rate in 2016 it was estimated that the level of growth will attain greater heights in 2017. By using ‘geofencing’ or LCB the mobile app can locate customers close by sending them offers specially tailored to bring them in.


    Perfect set up of Augmented Reality and Utility Apps


    Augmented Reality (AR) apps were not taken seriously as they are thought to be just for games, but if coupled with Utility Apps their functionality attains a different dimension. With this combination customer engagement can be boosted.


    The Power of Android Instant Apps


    Android Instant Apps is a progressive app that has the ability to reach those customers who don’t have the app installed in their device. It allows you to do so by accessing the code required by the app at that particular moment. This will let your business come up on the app search so the customers will be able to use your app without downloading it.


    Artificial Intelligence


    Increasing number of developers are beginning to embed AI into their mobile device apps. This technology could be very innovative for educational purposes where the app could teach kids helping them to get excellent results. Similarly AI could cater to the requirements to each and every customer acting like a personal assistant for the shopper right on your device by making a list of your requirements and adding the goods to cart. The user just has to click ‘buy’.


    Popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining ground


    IoT will contribute considerably to the success of your mobile in 2017. From gadgets to household items all continue to connect to the internet. So with IoT mobile apps can be connected with more customers and more devices. Customers will benefit from this collection of data and exchange making purchasing simpler for them.


    Importance of Mobile Security for Developers


    App developers have given top priority to mobile security in 2017 as more and more devices with personal information are used for commerce. Due to this they can be an easy target for hackers and cybercrime. With effective security measures though they are not always foolproof apps will continue to be a safe way to shop.


    App Revenue


    It is estimated that around 268 million mobile apps will be downloaded in 2017 which in turn will be converted into revenue of $77 billion. The revenue generated in not just due to downloading the app. These apps are basically marketing tools that help in the growth of business and revenue.

    If you want to improve your sales and grow your business in 2017, you have no choice but to develop a mobile app. With over 50% of your competitors already with the app what’s stopping you?

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