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Things to know about Internet’s Latest Sensation – Sarahah

  • Things to know about Internet’s Latest Sensation – Sarahah

    Sarahah is a new app that has become highly popular, developed by an app developer in SaudiArabia ZainAlabidin Tawfiq. The app launched in 2016 allows you to send anonymous messages helping people to improve and self develop. Although this app is considerably new to India, internet has spread the popularity of Sarahah far and wide with the app being on the top of Apple App Store in more than 30 countries, with more than 300 million users worldwide. Ironically the word Sarahah means ‘honesty’ in Arabic so the app is a self development tool for people to receive constructive and honest feedback about what their friends think about them.

    Since it is an instant messaging app like Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike and a few others, Sarahah app has captured the internet with a brand new concept of anonymity while sending messages. There is absolutely no way to interact with the users directly. In fact you are not even aware of the person sending the messages as this app does not require your mobile number but just your email and user name at the time of registration. Sarahah can be used free by Android and IOS users both in English and Arabic.


    Uses of the Sarahah App


    Uses of the Sarahah App

    Sarahah app lets you discover your friends and colleagues leaving an honest feedback. In other words it is like telling your friends their negative points to make them understand. You can help them discover their strengths and even let them improve, based on your comments. The app was originally developed to give your boss or colleagues in office a truthful feedback giving them the opportunity to improve. Now this app allows friends to communicate honestly with each other.

    Although Sarahah app has made its presence felt by gathering a huge following in just a year, it’s also facing issues concerning the possibility of cyber bullying. Through this app anyone can resort to abusing people they hate or sending offensive messages under the cover of anonymity as the sender’s name is not known.


    How is the Sarahaha App Used?


    Users are required to download the app and sign up using their email ID and user name. Next they can share their profile link on other social media accounts or with friends, so people can send messages anonymously. In the search section of the app users can locate people they know if they have the user name sending messages to them. All these messages will of course go anonymously. You can only send text messages as there is no facility of sharing photos on this app. People receiving messages can ‘like’ the message by clicking on the heart button. There is no option for the receiver to respond to such messages, but the receiver can block the sender in case of any impudent or rude message. But the option to respond is being studied.

    Some people are praising the app have liked this new concept, but there are several grievances when it comes to hateful texts and cyber bullying. Sarahah is supposed to be fun app but no one wants to hear anything insensitive or mean about their own self. The internet can bring out the worst amongst users but with anonymous messages the risk attached can be quite grave.

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