Want a ride sharing app that lets you earn money on the go? You are the right spot. Our well organized carpooling app let you earn without any hassle with all required features. Now your empty seat can earn you money by simply sharing it.

Our Specialized Features


Our carpooling app solution allows the user to search for any location irrespective of whether it is a big city or a small village.

Custom Dashboard

Customize your dashboards to enable trip tracking, notifications, statistics, infographics, messages, and requests.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Get Instant Alerts and Messages from the App to know more about rides nearby.

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Distance Based Price Calculation

The App makes the driver’s job easier by estimating the price of the journey per seat based on the distance covered.

Safe and Secure Ride

Our ride sharing app solution comes with safety features in travel point of view.


Make your stressful journey into a fun trip by sharing it with people of similar wavelength and preferences.

How ShareOnTheGo Application Works

Want to share your expenses?

Earn extra money for your empty seat?

Interested to meet new members and wanted to share your moments?

  • Create and Share Your Offer
  • Publish Your Offer
  • Accept Requests
  • Earn Extra Money

Want a luxury ride? Choose your preferred car and hire your ride

Want to cut down on costs?

Alone in the city and want a ride?

  • Search Ride
  • Book Your Seat
  • Enjoy the Ride
  • Share the Expense

Mobile App Vs Web App

Technologies Used

google map

Google Maps


Fire Base

google analytics

Google Analytics

Fabric app development


iOS Notification

Apple Push Notifications


Firebase Cloud Messaging



Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

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