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Create apps to work on various platforms to reach larger audience. As a trustworthy cross platform mobile development and service company, we allow businesses to invest in low cost frameworks.

What is Cross Platform App Development

Our main purpose is to fulfill the requirements of our clients as far as cross platform App Development tools are concerned. Today companies do not run on single platforms rather they support multiple devices like tablets, smart phones, smart watches and other emerging technologies. Our technologically experienced team will help you determine the best application development software for your company to maximize performance and profit.

Our development experts are capable of building solutions for any organization irrelevant of the type of mobile device you possess while keeping the costs to the minimum. Features required in enterprise mobile apps like barcode scanning, data connection, text-voice and image formation have been included in the basics of cross platform tools. But caution needs to be exerted by companies when leveraging cross platform apps and this is where our team comes is ever ready to assist you.

One big merit of cross platform app development tool is the potential to develop apps that can be delivered in no time to various platforms. It can be very advantageous for medium and small businesses that do not have the financial means to support mobile developers for Windows, iOS and Android. In fact even large businesses can use cross platform tools to support smaller projects.

Cross Platform Development

Mobile enterprise cross platform App Development market are :


Xamarin is a Microsoft software company that has a cloud service that allows testing and code sharing on multiple platforms. Android, iOS and Windows apps can be developed with C# codebase of the cross platform tool Xamarin.


Kinvey is a service to assist developers and enterprises to operate a backend cloud for web apps, tablet and mobile. The mobile data and standardized integrations can be easily secured and identified with this turn-on infrastructure.


Unlimited man-hours of coding can be saved by allowing Mag+ developers to build over their core components. This is a relatively quick and simple publishing platform for creating optimized content for iPad and other mobile devices..


PhoneGap is a popular cross platform development app based on Adobe owned tool and is free to use. It is possible that it might be monetized once it boasts a marketing feature ie Adobe’s Marketing Cloud.


This app allows JavaScript to be written with the Alloy MVC framework. This product comes with analytics and a private cloud option that is great for sensitive company data.


This tool helps developers in building cross platform enterprise apps with the help of HTML5 codebase.

Advantages of Cross Platform Apps

  • Reach a Greater Audience :Developing an app that runs both on Android and iPhone has the advantage to tapping a larger market. The more platforms you cover means access to more people as the number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly worldwide.
  • Simple Marketing :Marketing becomes considerably simple and easy if you dealing with a large number of fans as you need not create different niche messages to cater to a particular section of people. You can just market applications on various platforms through generalized messages.
  • Cost-Efficient :Making changes is easier when the applications developed run across many platforms. It saves money when updates get immediately synced across all platforms and devices.
  • Uniform Appeal : When there is a single code running on all platforms then there is an overall uniform design of the app across all platforms. During the designing of different apps by two different teams it becomes difficult to sync the two to make the same app.
  • Low Development Costs :While making apps for multiple platforms the development costs are automatically reduced. unchanged.
  • Fast & Reliable :It is faster to develop cross platform mobile apps instead of a native app for Android or iOS thus making it more efficient than multiple ones from scratch.
Cross Platform Development

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