At present peoples are addicted to using smartphones as well as they are giving more priority for choosing OS (operating system) also. Every smartphone has hardware and specialized software called an operating system. Some of the more common and well-known mobile OS are Android and iOS because of their popularity we are going to talk about those two operating system which is easily manageable for our daily life. There are several questions which come in mind at the time of selection of the platforms. Which one is the best Android or iOS?, Which will be programmer-friendly? And which are the devices in use commonly?

Android OS

Android OS

Android OS is a Linux-based operating system developed for using in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Android OS is updated regularly and also provides various features like an open source platform supported by a wide range of mobile device manufacturers and it also capable of running much application, at the same time Android OS easily accesses to a lot of free and premium apps.

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The Android operating system powers the droid range of Smartphones. Samsung is the by far the largest mobile manufacturing company in the world with the large range of Smartphones in the galaxy family. Android does not include as many major updates but rather smaller increment adding fewer updates each time now the latest update of Android is Android Nougat 7.0.

IOS Operating System

IOS Operating System

iOS is apple’s mobile operating system originally developed for the iphone, iOS now can also support other Apple devices such as I touch, Ipad and applet. The other great features of iOS are its numerous applications. iOS offer many features like it are very stable and fewer bugs secure OS because of high standardization followed when developing.

Developer Perspective for Android and IOS Development

Android Developer

The main reason behind the application development success is its programmer. He should have the knowledge of the language as well as coding perfectly. There should be accuracy with speed in his development work. Most of the programmers are comfortable to develop the application in Android due to the easiness of the code, thus we can see several application online.

On the other hand, iOS of apple platform always requires Objective-C language, which is can be critical for every developer to understand as well as apply. It takes them time to understand the requirement and apply the perfect solution for it. This time-consuming technology is not for general use. The applications of apple devices are mainly for business usages.

The Concept of Native App Development

Native App Development

The Concept of native app development is an application program mainly developed for smartphone application and it is coded in a specific programming language like java for Android and Object C for iOS. The benefits of developing a native application development is provided fast performance and a high degree of reliability by comparing other platform methods.

The native application mainly developed for the particular device and operating system. We can take the advantage of native apps in only latest technology smart phones such as GPS and camera Smartphone.

Easiness of the Platform

Android OS

Android is most comfortable platform for the users as because of openness. This feature of it allows developer integrate the other party tools in their applications. These features allow them to add most advanced features with unique functionality in the devices. This feature is not so successful in the apple. Apple requires its own tools and complete development done by the programmer. No doubt, it becomes most successful application once it comes online. Users get several advantages of using it.

Which Platform Offer the Feature of Doing Multitasking with Accuracy and Speed

Android and iOS Operating System

Around the globe, Android and iOS are the clear leaders in a mobile operating system. But sometimes people are forced to choose the Android operating system in their mobile gadget because by comparing Android and iOS the file transfer in iOS is very difficult comparing Android and it also available only one iPhone apple devices and file manager is not available in iOS but in Android, it is available by comparing Android and iOS have several limitations as well as Android. The latest apps like Prisma and other latest updates are available on iOS. Google’s Android and apple iOS platform it is very hard to predict that which is ahead in the mobile market, both are looking towards the feature providing us to more and more advances in our mobiles.

it’s again Android that offer users with several flexible features. Application of iOS can be developed perfectly for multi-tasking only if there a well-experienced programmer is developing it with his team of experts.

In short, we can say that Android is an easy platform for most of the programmer. They can develop several features in its applications. No doubt, apple has its own advantages, but most of the people avoid its use because of the high cost.

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