The future is always exciting and with regard to technology that is accelerating at a tremendous growth rate, there is no doubt that the universal digital transformation concept will be a reality. Well, the clear proof is the powerful business leaders like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook who ventured courageously in leveraging various latest technology trends like Big Data, blockchain development, AI (Artificial Intelligence) for enhancing the user experience.

Most of us will be following the news related to the emerging tech, and that will easily help us in being aware of the relentless growth rate technology has and the kind of impact it brings on the consumer’s expectations.

Can Technology Trends Be Trusted?

Now there might be certain technology trends introduced by a web and mobile app development company that just fizzes out over time. But there are ones that are related to the latest emerging technologies which stay on the sidelines. They gain immense traction only after it gets some major funding or when the industry simply becomes integrated into the given process.

Of course, there are various technologies making a huge prominent mark in 2018 and 2019, but among them, only a few have become the mainstream. Now, these are the ones which have been listed as the latest technology trends that rule in 2020.

Emerging Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Check Out The Best 5 latest Information Technology Trends In 2020:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
5G Network
Prescriptive Analysis


1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Among the top technological trends, artificial intelligence has been making a great impact, and that too for quite some years. Not surprisingly it has found a place in the 2020 technology predictions as well.

Technology and computers have advanced a lot, that they are extensively capable of learning about the world and universe just like humans. Now this giant leap that AI technology has made is possible due to the huge amount of increase in data as well as computing power.

Frankly, this huge explosion of data is what has made AI technology to advance. And it has been advancing in a lighting speed for quite some years. The greater data AI has, the faster it will be to learn and even more precise it will be. Here you need to keep in mind that the speed at which the AI technology is growing, it will surely overtake the majority of the human tasks by 2020.

The present-day tasks of making computers to read (like studying reports and messages), seeing (that is possible through facial recognition), hearing (which can be enabled by Amazon Echo for answering your commands), speaking (this by Siri that provides answers) and even recording emotions (this is through effective computing).  All these will assist AI technology to be a tech that requires no amount of human interventions to help in learning.

2) IoT

Along with AI technology, even internet of things finds its place in the list of emerging technologies of 2020. No doubt, it is also one of the major technologies to look out for as it indeed can make a great impact in corporate and personal lives. Even though this has been quite slow in connecting various devices and home especially with each other, but in the future, it will be different.

The future will indeed present a different story for the internet of things altogether. So, it means all the things will be smart in the coming time. Even though it might be a handful, still as projected in 2020, a quarter billion cares will just get hooked on the Internet, that will simply make them smarter. Currently, our homes have a series of smart products like a water heater, TV, yoga mats, microwaves, followed by voice-enabled personal assistants like Amazon echo, etc.

Now there are plenty of internet of things devices, but it is only getting started. There are various predictions that are stating that somewhat 65 billion of connected devices will be there by 2020.

3) 5G Network

By the time of 2020, the entire world, as well as nations, would be under the spell of the lightning-fast internet connection. Plus don’t forget all the perks that are attached to it. There is no doubt that 5g network will find its place in the tech market soon. Also, it will bring a huge amount of benefits like high internet speed, higher capacities, and lower latency. Such benefits are bound to make it as one of the major technological trends to watch out for in 2020 and even in the years to come by.

Here the benefits can make it really possible for wireless VR and autonomous vehicles to work in a less technical hesitancies. Here the benefits of the 5G network can be two-fold. So, it would simply enrich the whole user experience by providing better and higher data rates. This is by AR or VR. Now the question is how much fast would 5G network be? Well, it is anticipated that a movie that takes 20 hours to download in 3G might take less than 4 seconds in 5G.

4) Prescriptive Analysis

Currently, it is the time of predictive analysis, where software is providing prompts based on user behavior and past interactions. In the coming years, the huge amount of collected user data will assist businesses in a different way.

The world of tech in 2020 that provides businesses with data regarding user interactions, will even help them in knowing how they need to act when a user is behaving in a certain way. Here what was once considered as the source of insights will become the close guide for the next profitable move.

5) Automation

Since various emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and robotics are going towards high scale development, it is not surprising to see that automation is right at its peak. Most of the software consulting firms right from banking to manufacturing and software enterprises are going ahead with implementing automation. All this is to bring in safety, productivity, quality, and profitability.

A Digital Future To Look Out For

Frankly, the benefits and possibilities provided by these five latest technology trends are very much endless. Experts simply assume that leveraging such kind of huge advanced technology trends in society as well as the workforce will make lives simpler and better. The current pace at which technological innovation in any corporate will bring in a huge amount of opportunities for growth and bringing in the correct service at the right time.


What are the latest technology trends?

The following are some of the major technology trends – 

  1. AI
  2. 5G
  3. Blockchain
  4. Autonomous Devices
  5. Augmented Analysis
  6. Enhanced Edge Computing
  7. Digital Twins
  8. Digital Ethics & Privacy
  9. Chat Bots, Virtual Reality, & Mixed Reality

What is 5g?

This is the next fifth generation of cellphone internet connectivity. It provides faster data download as well as upload speed, followed by stable connections and wider coverage. 

What are the types of artificial intelligence?

There are four major kinds of artificial intelligence – 

  1. Limited Memory
  2. Reactive Machines
  3. Self-Awareness
  4. Theory Of Mind

What is Internet of Things?

It is the interconnection of devices via the internet of computing devices. This is embedded in all the daily objects, thereby enabling them to send as well as receive data.

What is artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a part of computer science that emphasizes on creating intelligent machines which not only work but even react like humans.