Communication field has witnessed a revolution in the past 10 years. From its basic purpose of exchanging ideas between individuals, it has advanced a lot. Communication is essential in all fields. It has a crucial role in all business purposes too. Communication has vast meaning today rather than just conveying what you want to express. Integrating technology with communication has simply revolutionized the modern world. The old communication techniques like radio transmitters, telegraphs have been replaced by wireless gadgets like smart phones, tablets etc…

The widespread use of wireless technology has simply revolutionized our lives. The transition from bulky and complex communication gadgets to compact, portable hand held devices has really improved our way of living. The impact of internet, e-mail, and social medias has changed the literal meaning of communication and took it to the next level. Today, communication between people is so easy irrespective of the distance, time, weather, or anything. And the field of communication is surprisingly progressing day by day.

Among the latest communication technology trends that hit upon this year, here we are going to see the top 3 ones in the list.

5G Technology

Mobile communication technology has been improvising from its beginning stage till today. The large scale use of internet and social medias is facilitating the development of mobile communication. The scope of 5G technology is highly relevant in this context.

Undoubtedly, the most expected next phase of mobile technology is 5G. It promises network speeds as high as 10Gbps and thus provides massive broadband capabilities. 5G enhances growth in many industries, ranging from the IT industry to the automobile, entertainment, and manufacturing industries. It offers wide range of possibilities and allows exploring more challenges. The research on 5G technology has started in 2008 and still studies are going on to incorporate more and more techniques in it. In 2015, testing on 5G technology was done in rural areas of Netherlands. Further testing is required to ensure the full-fledged working performance of 5G. The process is still going on and we could expect the launch of 5G technology in the beginning of 2020’s.

Big Data

Big Data refers to the huge amounts of data which is being processed by the communication technology today. Tones of bytes of data are generated every day and the digital world is witnessing an era of information revolution. Big data involves petabytes or exabytes of data that is manipulated and processed for various purposes. It includes structured, semi structured and unstructured data in various formats. Such larger set of data is difficult to process since the toolsets and procedures for handling these massive datasets are still not effective. Big data is often associated with cloud computing since the analysis of such high amounts of data is complex.

Big Data is generally characterized by 3 V’s.

1) Volume:  It represents the extreme and vast amounts of data.

2) Velocity: The speed at which the data can be analyzed and processed.

3) Variety: The different formats of data like text, images, audio, video etc.

Cyber Security 

Cyber security or computer security refers to the protection of information technology assets, including both hardware and software from unauthorized access or use. It also involves protecting them from all kinds of theft, damage, malicious software or virus attacks.

With more and more amounts of data handled online, safety and security must be ensured. Most of the data is confidential; the users never want the data to leak out due to privacy concerns.The opportunities of exploitation are still high, since the issues regarding misuse of data results in simple disturbances to life-threatening at times. The advancement of communication technology has also provided opportunities for cyber crimes like hacking, phishing, spoofing, etc. In this context, cyber security is a very important topic, at the same time challenging also. It is really important for the users to safeguard the data and credentials they handle online.  Thus cyber security is attaining worldwide attention today. Due to increase in safety issues on internet, more and more researches are taking place in this field.