What is Progressive web application development? Is it worth your time or money to know more about it?

So, if you are reading this topic or just came across the above doubts in your mind, you might get interested. Chances are there that you are assigned with the task of being abreast of the latest technological advancements that can shape your industry. Some of you might have led your company through a huge digital transformation or projects. It could be that you might be thinking of one in the future. Especially the ones that will have huge migrations, however, the benefits won’t be visible until the project is completed. In such a case, a progressive web app might provide another way.

No doubt, progressive web application development will provide customers with a good and richer online apps experience. In addition, it will deliver a faster return on investments. Also, the ROI will offset the high cost and even reduce the risk involved in providing bigger digital transformation projects.

What Is Progressive Web App Development? 


To put in a simple sense, a progressive web app is nothing but a mobile app that is delivered through the web. Frankly, it will function just like a normal native app, as an app shell will be used which will allow online apps-style gestures and navigations. Now, this is entirely different from other apps as you won’t need to download it from the application store.  Progressive web apps is a good option for startups.

Most importantly, it runs self-contained, just in the web browser. Using the assistance of the service workers, the progressive web application will easily load immediately, even when there is low connectivity. Furthermore, with the assistance of pre-caching, the app will stay up to date all the time, and even display the most recent version while launching.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Are Not Only Efficient But Also Economical

Do you know that the progressive web application development run apps are more efficient compared to native apps? Basically, they work on-demand and are easily accessible. Also, they never take up or consume the valuable memory or data of the smartphones. So, by using PWA instead of the native version of the same online apps, users will end up in consuming lesser data. However, users won’t have to sacrifice the convenience of the native apps. Still, they do have the option to save the progressive web apps on their home screen, which is easily installable without the hassle of real downloading.

Now, this simply specifies the huge improvement in terms of the user experience but even takes into account the earlier issues related to the consumer buy-in. Most importantly, users can take various decisions (conscious) and make commitments to download as well as keep a native app. Most importantly, uninstalling the app is the final decision of the user. Contrast to this, by just clicking a normal or simple link will be an easy task and that will just require less consideration, storage space on the device, no installation, and no amount of huge download period.

From the perspective of the developer, progressive web application development is very much economical. Indeed, they are faster to update as well as build. Plus, you have the option to create a single version of the app and it will get seamlessly displayed as well as identically on all kinds of devices.

Here rather than the segmented market for native mobile online apps, which is nothing but where businesses need separate app structure for Android and Apple devices, the progressive web applications are extensively unified to work on browsers which are common on all devices. Most importantly, they cost less for developing compared to native mobile online apps.

Features Of The Progressive Web Apps – The Easy Method To Simply User Experience

Now as we know what is progressive web app development, let’s treat the progressive web application as a web page that is saved on your mobile device. It will work in the browser and uses the API of the browser. In addition, there are various mobile features you can add to the progressive web app development. Check out some of the progressive web applications you can do-

►Adding Home Screen Icons

Just check out the colorful square decorating the main screen of your smartphone. It will be filled with native app icons. Do you know that by adding an icon on the home screen will create an experience that is entirely focused on the app? Google progressive web apps allow users to open websites without going to the URL (browser) panel or through any other navigation tool. All they have to do is tap on the icon present on the home screen. With the progressive web app, you can provide faster access to your website.

► Making Engagement Better

There is a common approach used by online apps for navigation. Some of them are the header panel along with the section title, the presences of the return button in the upper left corner, the contextual actions present in the upper right corner, etc. Such kind of app like navigation will assist users in solving their task faster.

► Easily Applicable For Any User

Due to the presences of the progressive enhancement of the progressive web application development, it is easy for users to visit your website. This is regardless of the device or the browser that they are choosing.

► Sending Web Push Notifications

Somewhat in the later 2015, Google Chrome had introduced the push notification. This was through the browser and was available on both desktops as well as mobile devices. Frankly, this technology gives profit-making opportunities for businesses as it works in real time. Not only that, it sends the user notifications without using contact details, personal email, etc even though they aren’t on the website. Such kind of notification will inform on seasonal or personalized discounts. Even it will report if the product is in the stock.

► Working Offline

The best part of using progressive web application is that you can work offline. This is possible due to the technology called Service Workers. This is commonly used for displaying online content in places where there is poor internet connectivity or even if there are no connections at all.

► Integrating With Other Devices

Now the progressive mobile application for Android will be shown in the system settings, home screen or the task switcher. So, in this case, the push notification will look like they are of the native applications.

So, Is Progressive Web Application Changing The Mobile Industry

No doubt, the emergence of progressive web application development was breakthrough, especially for mobile and web technology. Somewhat you can say it was similar to the emergence of the responsive web design which was five or seven years ago.

In the future, the number, as well as the usage of the mobile applications present in our smartphones, will reduce. This is due to the increasing popularity of progressive web apps. Of course, native mobile online apps will exist peacefully, but progressive web application development will provide the best and customized solutions for companies. Especially the ones who want to develop an easy and excellent accessible mobile tools for customers. This will allow eliminating the cost involved in creating the app, promoting it and increasing the revenue as well as reducing the cost.

Frankly, this latest tech will simply develop and change in the coming years and there will be constant versions which can make mobile strategies better.

What is a progressive web app development?

Progressive web app development is the usage of web applications that utilize modern web techniques to provide a native app kind of experience to users.

How progressive web app works?

Progressive web apps work on demand and are quite accessible. Also, they consume fewer data compared to native apps.

How to use progressive web app?

Compared to the native apps, the progressive web app is easy to use. They simply combine the best features of native as well as web apps. To know more, click here

Who uses progressive web apps?

Following companies use progressive web apps – 

  • Ali Express
  • Wego
  • Flipkart Lite
  • Washington Post
  • Trivago
  • Flipboard
  • Forbes

And more..

Does PWA work on desktop?

Yes, progressive web apps can be installed on the desktop just like normal native apps. Since, progressive web apps are secure, fast and get sync in the background, they can revolutionize the world wide web. Users can install progressive web apps on desktop using Chrome OS (Chrome 67+)