Traditional methods of detecting cybersecurity threats and malware are getting less effective as well as they are failing. It isn’t that they are obsolete but cybercriminals are coming up with new methods to bypass firewalls. This kind of becomes a threat to the organization’s security. The only method to fight against it is to be prepared and smarter than hackers. And that is possible with AI on cybersecurity technology.

Everyday AI Technology Scenarios

Now before we define what is cybersecurity, let’s take up some situations where you might be using artificial intelligence. One of the best places where you might come across the usage of artificial intelligence is Facebook. You upload a snap of your friend and you on Facebook. The next moment you see something surprising. Facebook identifying (self-identifying) all the friends present in the photo and asking your permission to tag them. Here this identification process uses a particular form of artificial intelligence (AI).

Keep in mind that it isn’t only on Facebook. You are more likely to use other forms of artificial intelligence throughout the day even without realizing it. It can be through Google’s search engine, Siri’s speech recognition, and spam filters that clean the email inbox. Such kind of AI technology is narrow one which simply does a specific job as opposed to the general artificial intelligence technology. This one solves more complex and broader problems.

Commonly AI is used in situations where one needs to do forecasting and classifications. Here classification is all about organizing data and assigning labels using pattern matching. With regard to forecasting, it is about making predictions for the future that is based on the known data. Recently, there has been a huge increase in the interest in enhancing the AI’s capabilities in terms of AI cybersecurity. Frankly, it aims at using technology to do various intricated jobs.

Tough Relation Between Cybersecurity And Artificial Intelligence


You might be in for surprise if someone tells you that cybersecurity experts and cybercriminals follow the same procedure. They use AI technology and machine-learning tool to secure or steal data. As machine-learning and AI are somewhat new techs, some believe that AI can be double-edged swords for various firms. This is due to the fact that the machine-learning algorithm and other kinds of AI use training data to respond to various kinds of situations. 

Initially, they start to learn by copying and after that, they begin to add additional information that refines their approach. Now such algorithms have the power to do a lot of things like making decisions and deductions in an automated way. This can spell trouble for various companies as there isn’t any human involvement. Plus as there isn’t any dedicated staff monitoring the tech, this issue can go unnoticed for some time, leading to thousands or millions in losses.

This is why one must know the importance of AI cybersecurity technology to protect themselves from various identity thefts. Let’s check some of the few trends regarding ai in cybersecurity.

● Powerful Attacks

As more and more advances occur in machine learning and AI, you can expect some powerful attacks from hackers. No doubt, hackers will be using this AI technology to improve the frequency and sophistication of their attacks. Without AI hackers can create a good amount of havoc, so just imagine the huge amount of losses business owners will go through if they use AI.

● Using AI As Computer Security Tool

Along with thinking of how can AI help cybersecurity, you need to understand the importance of computer security tools. With AI technology, you can improve the computer security tool by speeding up the incident responses. This is especially when any kind of suspicious activity is detected.

Most importantly, it can prevent email-delivered ransomware or swarming botnets which restrict website access. Frankly, this type of technology will assist in decoding patterns and presenting helpful predictions.

● Usage Of Machine Learning Algorithms

Why do companies use ML algorithms? It is simply to automate malware scanning and improve cyber defenses. There are many individuals who believe that it can increase productivity and be able to improve some of the business processes. But one thing that businesses fail to realize is that when they are busy improving their methods, attackers are doing the same. They are using AI and machine language to gain an advantage.

● Increasing Access To Devices (Vulnerable)

Since more and more individuals are jumping on to the mobile device bandwagon, it has become a tough task for companies who aren’t interested in AI in cybersecurity. They are having a hard time keeping sensitive information safe. Now when customers and employees access the company’s data, the system will end up becoming vulnerable. Keep in mind that most of the devices that are connected to your company’s system will have less or no built-in security. So, it becomes easy for hackers to gain access using such kind of devices.

Things To Expect

In coming years, you need to think about how can AI help cybersecurity. Also, expect hackers to become a lot smarter, especially on gaining access to the company’s details. No doubt, expect more targeted attacks where hackers use personal information of individuals of an organization. Right from the CEO all the way down to the lowest worker will be targeted.  Frankly, AI and machine learning assist businesses in increasing their security. But they even make it easier for hackers to access an automated system without any kind of human oversight. Now, this could spell trouble for any company. So, it is necessary to secure yourself and your company in any manner. It is highly recommended to have a fair understanding of what is cybersecurity as well as get some good amount of protection against cyber thieves to reduce losses and stay in the business.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the areas of the computer science. This emphasizes the need for creating intelligent machines which work as well as react like humans.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is an application of AI. It provides the system with the chance to automatically improvise and learn from experience without being explicitly programmed. Basically, it simply focuses on the development of computer programs which can access data and even use it to learn for themselves.

What are the types of cybersecurity?

Following are the types of cybersecurity – 

1) Information Security

2) Application Security

3) Disaster Recovery

4) Website Security

5) Network Security

6) Endpoint Security

How will AI affect cybersecurity?

With AI, you can automate and detect various threats. Also, you can combat other minimal threats without the involvement of humans. Plus, you can power your data to become more secure than before.

What is AI in cybersecurity?

Since cyber attacks are growing in complexity and volume, AI (artificial intelligence) is assisting under-resourced security operations and analysts to become ahead of the threats.