Should You Invest in Progressive Web Apps for your Startups?
Startups in present times are facing a multitude of challenges trying to decide whether to develop native mobile apps or just go with a mobile friendly website in order to reach customers. Earlier what businesses required was a native Android app, a native iOS app and a user friendly website for maximum online reach.
A progressive Web App (PWA) is basically a fusion of a mobile friendly app and a website that are responsive to all devices. These apps cost half of what it would take to build a native Android or iOS app and they function just like an app got from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The best feature of a PWA is that there is no need to search or download the app as users can link or share and install them on the web even with poor network using them just like native apps.

Why are Progressive Web Apps Crucial for Startups?
Every Startup requires a website, software and a native app to begin operations. PWAs are the perfect choice for startups as they are simple, take less time for development and deployment. These apps save on investment and prove to be less costly as far as maintenance is concerned. Below we will discuss how progressive web apps are vital for the success of new businesses.

Larger Audience Reach
Since PWAs are responsive and compatible on all platforms they can present your portfolio, services or products and online store in front of a large audience on any device they wish to use. Your startup can capture the attention of the audience at any time on any screen.

Provides Security
Fetch APIs & Cache are used by web developers to load progressive web apps faster. The content takes less time to load even without internet connection from home screen offering full security.

Less Friction and More Flexibility
Friction is decreased with PWAs as users need not worry about data while downloading your business app. They have the flexibility to just search for your website and launch into your business without actually downloading.

Faster Reach with More Conversions
Progressive web apps are easily accessible on all platforms providing users with an app like experience leading to more conversions. Big organizations like Pinterest and Twitter have seen considerable increase in conversion rates after they replaced their traditional mobile apps with progressive web apps.

Reliable Speed
As far as speed is concerned progressive web apps are fast where users make use of JavaScript to load the app instantly even with poor internet connection. Your startup can find a solution with information in the app as well as the browser.

Supports Marketing Efforts
Progressive web apps are creative and support your marketing efforts by opening new marketing avenues. Push notifications have proven to be a good asset for marketers.

Provides Personalized Experience
Progressive web apps provide users with a personalized experience through quick loading, home screen icons, push notifications and offline functionality.
To conclude Progressive Web Apps are the future of apps & the web combining both worlds to give users an ultimate experience. These apps take less time to load even when the network is slow offering a full screen app that can be iconized.