Compared to the Industrial Revolution and other technology trends, the Internet of Things (IoT) is of similar nature. But these so-called IoT solutions are still in the budding stage. We still are not sure and really want to see what this technology can do for us. Of course, you all know that the Internet of things is all about collection of dumb objects. And these are connected with each other and send signals to each other along with getting alerts on our smartphones.

Frankly, most of the tech giant companies have started to direct their whole efforts to connected cars, smart homes, and smart offices, which can simply reshape our daily lives. By 2020, there is a huge possibility of seeing more smart objects which can be created at a huge broader scale. This will simply lead to reducing inconveniences, waste, and cost; thereby increasing safety and efficiency.

Concept Of Connectivity In IoT

Most of us don’t know that the concept of connectivity is more beyond smartphones and laptops. We are in an era where technology trends are moving towards smart homes, smart cities, smart farming, connected cars, connected wearable devices, etc. So, in short, it means a connected life.

IoT solution and services is a famous terminology these days. However, there is a huge difference as unlike most of the technological fads that come and go, this one proves to be different. IoT application development and solutions prove to be one of the major technological trends that can have a lasting effect on society. In addition, the term “Internet of Things” is commonly used for various ideas. This IoT cloud platform is simply designed for a store and process the IoT data. Also, it forms the core of all the available IoT devices and the internet of things solutions.

Here the platform is created in such a way that it helps in taking in a large amount of data. Especially the ones that are generated by websites, sensors, apps and initiate actions which are for real-time responses and analysis.

Future Applications For IoT Solutions

● Smart Wearable Technology

Various studies show that in mid-2016 and early 2017, approximately 40 million wearables were sold. And here the huge portion of them were simply smartwatches and fitness trackers. Wearable devices are installed with software and sensors. These will help in collecting information and data regarding users. Furthermore, this data is later pre-processed simply to extract the necessary insights related to the users.

Frankly, the pre-requisites of the IoT application development tech for wearable apps is simply to be highly energy efficient, small sized and low power. Also, the productivity of the data processed can be achieved through many smart wrist wears, smart glasses and hearable. This is really getting closer to the point where wearable technology will bring about exceptional values to our lives.

● Smart Home Automation

Just think about a scenario where you can switch off the lights after leaving your office or home? Or switching on the air conditioner before reaching home? Here these basic things are only possible with the IoT solutions. With the IoT solution and services taking shape, there is an introduction to the world where all the smart devices are connected to each other and even monitored by users in a remote manner through voice command or a simple click.

Since there is a rapid growth in technology trends like IoT, it is predicted that smart homes will become common like smartphones. Even studies show that in the future, more than two-thirds of the consumers are planning to connect advanced technology to their homes by 2021.

● Smart Cities

Not many people are aware that IoT solutions have the biggest potential of solving all the major issues that individuals face in cities. Traffic congestion, pollution, and shortage of energy supply are some of them. Moreover, IoT solution and services will empower cities to simply leverage their network. This will provide the latest smart city apps for citizens. Also, it can even provide the latest eco-sustainability initiatives. Plus, it will even develop first-hand opportunities for the development of enterprises.

● Connected Vehicles

Various predictions show that roughly more than 300,000,000 connected cars will be driving on the roads by 2021. Before going into details let’s check out what connected cars are. IoT application development engineers have started to come up with an industry solution which is for connected automobiles. These ones will gather, store, analyze and take action on the vehicle sensor data.

Frankly, a connected vehicle is one which can bring about an improvement and analyzes to its own operation, maintenance along with keeping in mind of the comfort of passengers, using the latest internet connectivity and onboard sensors. IoT solutions with regard to automobiles are related to the vehicle-to-cloud offering. This simply enables the basic awareness of the environment which is beyond the vehicles and even helps in using the required information for establishing the relationship with drivers.

● Smart Retail

Do you know that  IoT smart retail can help in revolutionizing customer service? This can easily save time and money, along with simultaneously giving consumers the best and seamless shopping experience. Here, by installing the system, the retailers are easily able to recapture the investment dollars. These are surpassing expectations for most of the tech-savvy consumers. Now some of the major components of smart retail are beacons, power shelf, and digital price tags.

● IoT In Agriculture

For increasing the farm performance, IoT solutions and tech providers continuously develop IoT cloud-based platforms. This can help in processing, sensing and communicating in a precisely measured environmental data. Moreover, farms are becoming more connected. Even farmers are realizing the potential of IoT application development in assisting them to reduce cost, which can simply assist in improving results.

● Industrial Internet

With regard to the industrial IoT, it helps industrial engineering with software, sensors and big data analytics for creating intelligent equipment. Smart machines are consistent and precise compared to humans in terms of communicating data. This so-called analytics of the generated data can help corporates in picking inabilities and issues faster.

● IoT In Healthcare

Various research shows that IoT solutions in healthcare can be enormous, especially in the coming years. This is aimed at allowing people to live a healthy lifestyle using connected devices. For example, with the IoT application development, it becomes easy for doctors to use GPS services. This will allow them to get prepared for treating patients who are bought into the hospital as emergency cases.

● IoT In Telecom Industry

All over the world, telecom operators are using IoT solution and services enabled digital platforms. These are the combination of analysis, connectivity, mobile and cloud, security, etc for supporting the business. Furthermore, this will help in lowering the operational costs and even allow end-users to use technology in a business focused way, thereby saving time and money.

Can IoT Be An Emerging Tech?

The future looks bright for IoT application development services. Not only it can rise to become one of the best technology trends, but will even automate out lives by 2021. Let’s wait and watch to see how much it is going to make our lives more convenient.