Nowadays, people are quite busy to take care of their health. Especially there are countless individuals who sit for hours being in desk-job or playing on their mobile phones, forgetting the traditional way of being active. Can’t blame them! People have become accustomed to the life of convenience. They hate the concept of making an appointment with doctors, undergoing tests, waiting for diagnosis and taking prescribed treatment.

Here, the only solution is to go for devices. Not the ordinary ones, but which can be worn constantly on the body and monitor the various health parameters as well as transmit the necessary details to doctors and users. And you might be surprised to know that such devices indeed do exist. Yes, there are the wearable technology run devices.

There is a significant change occurring in the traditional “patient-doctor” model. And that too under the influence of the medical wearables developed by the wearable app development company. Devices and sensors help in automating various processes, along with speeding up the treatment and diagnosis.

This will easily allow people to monitor their own health thanks to the wearable app development services. Frankly, wearable devices developed by a custom software development company, which are connected online are hampering medical practices. Don’t worry it is not bad or in a serious way, but in a healthy rate. They are somewhat creating a new era of digital medicine.

Rise Of Wearable Technology & Its Success

While we commonly think of wearable technology provided by a custom software development company as something that was interestingly developed in the last fifteen or so years. But this was actually been around for quite some time, and that too for long decades. In fact, the pager (which was previously used by doctors in hospitals and still used by some even though there is an advancement in tech) was patented in 1949. Shocking isn’t? The device only became more sophisticated from there on.

Slowly, after the turn of the millennium, there are various iconic wearable technology run devices used today by us. In 2002, the Bluetooth headsets were introduced which was followed by advanced wearables like Fitbit, Nike+, Google Glass, etc somewhere between 2005 and 2014.

Most importantly, the iconic Apple Watch hit the stand in 2014, and there were various media outlets that named it as the “The Year Of Wearable Technology”. So, since then, there are newer versions of the current wearables created by a wearable app development company as well as the latest and advanced health-related devices have continued to hit markets.

Using Wearable App Development Services & Tech In Healthcare

No doubt, wearable technology run health devices are really making a huge impact in the healthcare industry. Various fitness apps and trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit help you to track your various workouts, total steps, heart rate for a single day and more. In addition, there are advanced smart blood pressure monitors developed by a custom software development company that assists in checking your blood pressure. This allows people with high blood pressure to stay on top of their measurement among the regular visits to the doctor.

Take the example of Google Glass. This can assist doctors in surgeries. Through the eyeglasses-mounted camera, one can record or even live stream surgical procedures. Furthermore, this serves as an auxiliary surgical tool. So, while you are wearing the glass, various data like patient note or X-Ray will get displayed on the screen in the peripheral vision of the surgeon. Thereby this will allow them to gain access to the necessary data hands-free without needing to pause or stop the surgery.

Doctors – Not Strangers To Latest Tech

Physicians and doctors worldwide accept wearable technology and rely on it to provide the best healthcare to patients. With the wearable app development services, doctors can easily get real-time data and information concerning their patients. Furthermore, they can even make good decisions. Even it becomes easier for doctors to monitor the patient at anywhere and that too within minutes. With the wearable tech of the wearable app development company, doctors can consult, learn and provide good healthcare through accessing data from any remote locations. Furthermore, wearable technology run devices will provide faster access to patients’ medical data, especially in most critical situations.

Health-Conscious Individuals

Wearable technology assists wearers to get real-time personal data. Also, it helps in keeping track of one’s own health too. Frankly, about ten to fifteen years ago, patients often end up relying on the opinions of doctors for any kind of treatment. The same is with medication.

But nowadays, it has become easy for patients to monitor their health right from any place. Plus they can get some good amount of expert advice too. It even becomes easy for them to make better decisions related to their bodies and even maintain a good healthy body.

Furthermore, patients who are suffering from extreme chronic health conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, and diabetes can use the wearable tech of custom software development company for self-monitoring as well as improving their health. It even becomes easy for consumers of wearable technology to review the insights derived within the device and be able to maintain good health by following all the right do’s and don’t.

Making Doctor-Patient Interaction Easy

It might not surprise you to know that wearable app development services revolutionize the manner in which doctors and patients share data as well as information. Most importantly, this latest tech makes communication among patients and doctors easy. Furthermore, this assists them to make a faster and better decision. Even it helps in improving the entire health and well-being of the patient.

Here, the number of visits to the clinics and doctors will reduce and that too by using wearable technology run devices. Even unnecessary medical tests and diagnosis can be avoided which can simply result in executing higher success rates for treatments.

Impacting Fitness By Wearable Tech

No doubt, the application of wearable tech of the wearable app development company is endless. Not only this device encourages people (wearers) to take care of their fitness but even help in maintaining good health. They will help in tracking the fitness of an individual and remind them to do exercises or even take medications. Also, the number of calories burned can be monitored with such kind of wearable technology run devices. It is even easy for users to sync their wearable device with tablets and smartphones for tracking daily activities.

Factors For Popularity Of Medical Wearables

■ Increasing usage of smartphones

■ More accessible method of getting medical support

■ Integrating sensors especially into consumer devices

■ Increased awareness of health and fitness

■ More freedom

■ Involvement of tech giants like Google, Apple & Microsoft

Factors Preventing The Implementation Of Wearable App Development Services

■ Lack of private data security

■ High cost

■ Interoperability issues

■ Lack of common standards

Impacting Healthcare Sector

In a few years, one can expect a huge boom and increase in the wearable app development services. Of course, there will be various advancements and improvements. And these will definitely change the way wearable apps and devices are developed and created by a custom software development company. Furthermore, the wearable industry is also evolving and changing. There are chances that in the near future, the future of wearables will have varied faces. Wearable app development companies will have a blast in the coming years as they will be working on advancements. This will assist in a huge amount of shift in the wearable device tech. So go ahead and try utilizing the advancement in wearable app development services to make your business more unique.