In recent years, digital transformation consulting technologies have introduced new ways to improve the efficiency of doing business across industries. The implementation of these technologies to create a more effective, connected workplace is what’s known as digital transformation. While many companies have been digitally transformed, there are still some companies that are a bit more reluctant when it comes to funding this endeavor.

Technology is carrying businesses into the future at a rate that will soon leave others behind. Through digital transformation, your company can stay competitive and even a step ahead of the competition. Here are a few reasons why your business needs a digital transformation to continue to be competitive in the future.

To Better Showcase Your Company

A digital transformation means more than just laptop and software implementations; it also means optimizing your existing digital platforms, like websites and applications. Optimizing these features that your company may already have, or starting from scratch, can help improve brand awareness, helping you draw in more customers.


Whether you use your website as a business platform or e-commerce, it’s important to ensure it’s built to satisfy user experience. In fact, whether or not your company’s website stays up to date with ever-changing web application development services trends can determine whether you retain or lose customers. 

A study from the Nielsen Norman Group shows that users typically leave web pages within 10-20 seconds, but websites that show a clear value proposition can hold users’ attention for much longer. Digitally transforming your website so that it functions at its best can communicate value to users, ensuring that they stay on your site longer. 

The longer users are on your site, the more likely they are to stick around to understand your product and make a purchase. Optimizing your website through a digital transformation consulting service can ultimately get your company more visibility and sales.


Like website optimization, it’s important that company apps focus on creating the best user experience possible. The type of business your company conducts will determine the type of enterprise application you should develop, but doing it right could mean more customers and more profit. 

Having a business application on a consumer’s mobile device means your company is always at their fingertips. Not only will they have direct access to your company, but they won’t be page hopping between sites, as they would online. This means that a customer is more likely to purchase from your company rather than going to a competitor’s product. 

The key to this approach is ensuring that your business application provides a good UX. If your enterprise application development isn’t user-friendly or runs poorly, you run the risk of losing the customer and your place on their mobile device altogether. 

Digital transformation isn’t always the easiest to execute on your own, but getting guidance from professionals in web application development services and business app development to optimize your existing digital platforms can ensure that the process is smooth sailing.

To Promote a Productive Workplace

Employee burnout is a real thing that can negatively impact productivity in any company. The Harvard Business Review explained the true cost of employee burnout and, spoiler: it’s a hefty price. Luckily, a digital transformation can help your company reduce employee burnout.

A recent study from OnePoll showed that some of the ‘most hated’ office tasks that lead to employee burnout are easily automated with the help of process automation. These tasks range from daily data entry to big data management and migration. Luckily, through digital transformation, these repetitive, mundane tasks can easily be automated and managed with little-to-no employee intervention. 

Freeing employees of these disliked tasks can give them more time to focus on thought-driven work, ultimately reducing their burnout. With business processes being automated to run at top efficiency and employees feeling engaged in their work, productivity rates can be expected to reach an all-time high within your company. 

To Enable Employee Development

When a digital transformation is implemented in a company, the employees are often freed from mundane tasks. With processes streamlined, employees have more time to focus on their thought-driven, creative work. The extra time can be devoted to developing important skills that make them better at their specific trade.

If your employees are getting better at their jobs and growing individually, this growth will be mirrored by the entire company.

To Retain Employees

If employees feel fulfilled and happy in their job, it’s more likely that they will stay at their current company. Employee retention is something that many companies, both large and small, struggle with. Beyond just having fulfilling work, many employees look at the benefits they get at their workplace to decide whether they should stay or move on to another company. 

Digital transformation not only helps your employees develop and feel fulfilled, but it also provides them with desirable benefits they may not find in other companies. For example, digital transformation enables employees to work remotely and have flexible schedules. With cloud computing, company messaging platforms, and video-enabled conference rooms, employees can work from virtually anywhere, while still being connected to the entire office. 

Benefits like these promote a good work-life balance, especially for employees with families or other responsibilities that require more of their time. If employees feel fulfilled, valued, and balanced in their work and life, according to workforce retention surveys, odds are high that they will stay with your company. 

To Keep Up With Competition

If there is one reason above any other that your company should implement a digital transformation, it’s because your competitors are already doing it. In 2019 surveys showed that around 65 percent of companies have already or are planning to implement a digital transformation consulting program. As more companies look to evolve their processes, it will become more likely that your competitors are also digitally transforming their businesses. 

Digital transformation is driving companies into the future and will eventually leave the ones that don’t adapt behind. Consulting experts in digital transformation can get you set on the path to stay competitive and even advance beyond the competition.