The ability of an organization to deliver digital services to its customers is called digital transformation. The advent of digital technologies had transformed the way people collaborate, communicate and do business. In fact, digital transformation has now become a top priority for surviving in the present competitive environment through digital assets. Modern-day intelligence has now promoted companies to embrace the new digital world by treading on the path of digital transformation.
Webner Knoblich General Manager EMEA Red Hat claims that IT has now become more of a business in reality. To survive organizations need to digitally transform themselves or they will disintegrate due to competitors both in their industry and outside. This indicates that digital transformation has become mandatory for survival but the main question is – How can it be done?

Benefits of executing a Digital Transformation Strategy
The most important benefit of digital transformation is a better chance of survival. Without competition, companies will run out of business. Companies that are using digital assets to counteract competition will prove to be more successful with greater results. In reality, IT has become the main business where everybody has to finally become a technologically advanced company. Digital assets have now become the differentiation factors.

How is Red Tape assisting in Digital Transformation?
Digital transformation can be divided into three areas from the customer&rsquos point of view. Firstly better ways are required to develop applications to deliver customers with digital services. Besides developing faster and better apps, the existing ones should be modernized. Secondly, you need a flexible infrastructure to run these apps in an efficient, scalable and cost-effective way. This is possible by setting up a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Thirdly companies should focus on developing their processes and culture as apps in the past used the classic waterfall principle for development. Red Hat is supporting customers to develop new apps and then help to run them in a container based environment with an OpenShift platform. It is to help customers adopt cultural changes and processes to become agile bringing IT and businesses together.

Why is Digital Transformation Essential for your Business?
Digital technology brings about a change in business strategies with technology giving an opportunity to reassess the way you manage your business. It is nothing but bridging the gap between innovation and its complete form. This great change is brought about with upgraded corporate functions, better models and competencies, enhanced mechanism and customer interactions. It lets businesses embrace a cultural change with improved management styles along with productive working and reorganized leadership and vision.
Since we are living in a technologically driven world we are seeing the digital transformation taking place right here. Although transformation could be seen with the advent of the internet and mobile devices it has become something we cannot live without in today&rsquos modern world. Technological changes can be called business changes and any company that lacks the foresight to transform digitally just cannot progress. Only those organizations ready to integrate new technologies and new methods of operations will be in a position to survive in this highly competitive and always evolving IT environment.