In the e-commerce world, it all revolves around making the customers happy. As applications for online stores become more popular, brands are expected to deliver effective solutions. The design of the application interface or user interface needs to be perfected if you want your users to enjoy browsing in your app. A better application interface means that users will spend more time on the app, build a more loyal relationship with the brand, and make purchases more easily. 

What e-Commerce app development companies aim for is an application’s interface that is visually-stimulating, attractive, and matches the purpose and personality of the e-commerce brand. According to research, 69% of U.S. citizens have shopped online, and 25% of Americans result to online shopping at least once per month. What this means for e-commerce businesses is they have a better chance for increased sales. With a great application interface design delivered by professional web app development service, they can be on a good path to success. 

Here are some main elements of application interface design you need to focus on to achieve an amazing design. 

Simple menu

The navigation through the app works through the menu. If menu elements are confusing and non-organized, the users will quickly exit the app. 

According to Hick’s law, every additional choice requires more time to make a decision. Therefore, overwhelming the users with too many options will lower the users’ desire to purchase something. 

Use visual hierarchy to organize menu elements. The principle of visual hierarchy claims that you need to use shape, size, color, contrast, position, and texture so that users can immediately understand which elements are the most important. 

Increased Size of Product Images in Browse Section

A study by Visual Website Optimizer about e-commerce confirmed that an increased product image size can increase conversion rates by 10%. 

People’s attention span is getting lower so if you display too many product images their attention will be scattered. Increasing the product image will keep their attention on a single product and allow them to get more familiar with it. 

Just imagine how many great products you offer will be overlooked because of the numerous product options. Warby Parker is a brand with an admirable app design. Their product images are large enough so that you can see the product in detail.

Warby Parkers’ main consumers are Millennials and since Millennials spend over 66% of their internet usage time on consumer apps, Parker’s dedication to their app is a clever investment. 

Johnathan Kindley is a web designer at WriteScout who also mentioned Warby Parker’s app as one of the representatives of great app design, “We can all learn something from Warby Parker. Their website and app design are completely adapted to their Millennial target audience. What I personally like the most is the size of product images when browsing. You can see all the details which lures you even more to buy the product.”

Minimal User’s Effort

The users shouldn’t have to think about their next move or where to find what they want. Minimize their effort and encourage them to add more items to the cart and ultimately, make the purchase. There are several design practices that can help you minimize the user’s efforts:

  • Aim for a minimal number of clicks. The users need to get to their destination as fast as possible.
  • Display related products that are singled out based on their previous searches. The developer team will also need to take part to ensure that suitable items are shown not random ones. This is where e-commerce website design and development companies will have to work together. 
  • Make the sign-in process fast and simple. Users can lose interest if the sign-in/login process takes too much time.
  • Simplify the navigation with shapes and colors. Apply the Gestalt principle of similarity and group items and content with shapes and colors. 

Informative Home Page

If you offer some relevant information about the brand, add it to the home page. Users can easily find the product category they are interested in in the menu so the home page can be designated for important information.

Let’s say that your brand is hosting an event for the shoppers or you’re introducing some benefits for loyal shoppers, make this information known by showing it on the home page. The home page can be the place where users can expect to receive relevant info. 

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Visible Call-to-Action

Whenever a user decides to take any action in the app, the call-to-action button needs to be clearly visible. Using an unnoticeable CTA button will prolong the user’s journey and avert him from buying a product. All e-commerce website development services emphasize the importance of CTA buttons. 

Whether you want the users to buy a product, head to their cart, or claim a discount with sign-in, the CTA can determine how fast they will make that decision. If you need some help with CTA’s content, you can team up with Subjecto or Studyker writing service or check out some CTA examples on Hubspot

Make the CTA visible by using a distinguishable color, shape, and reasonable size. An American online wholesale retailer Boxed is a great example of a noticeable CTA button.

Final Thoughts

A great e-commerce application interface design demands that you pay attention to many elements. By mentioning these few important ones, you can have a better idea of what type of design you need to aim for. These main elements along with examples of well-designed e-commerce apps can inspire you to come up with a functional and beautiful UI app design.