Cloud computing has been influencing the IT industry for years, with some overwhelming and omnipresent use of clouds in different sectors of the industries. With the steady growth of investment in cloud computing, it is applicable in the digital transformation of business, Internet of Things applications, custom mobile application development and other sectors, with a clear deployment model of choice for modernizing existing information technology infrastructure. With a great future ahead, cloud computing will play a major role in defining the IT industry in 2020. Here are a few of the cloud computing trends that you should know:

  • The Ascent Of Serverless Computing
  • AI Is Getting Smarter
  • The Increasing Popularity Of Containers
  • Mobile Cloud Computing Becomes A Global Trend
  • Cloud Gets Faster

The Ascent Of Serverless Computing

With the ascension of cloud computing trends, there came the rise of serverless computing. Serverless computing, with an alert, is something to watch for. To make technical advancement and innovation, it’s time to let go of the conventional methods and go serverless. Serverless computing redistributes the foundation of the whole application, right from the beginning to the end.

The serverless architecture model has a conventional structure that uses a “pay as you go” system. The computing models are flexible and help an organization to manage the expenses over cloud computing.

AI Is Getting Smarter

Is Artificial Intelligence, which is something smart becomes smarter? Yes, that’s true. Organizations are now moving forward to automate and manage their business processes with better speed and accuracy, thanks to the innovations in the field of AI.

Accelerate your Business with AI

Organizations are scaling up growing, managing big data efficiently. This is feasible due to the innovations in Artificial Intelligence and the growth of core competencies within AI like machine learning, system recognition, and intelligent robotics.

The Increasing Popularity Of Containers

Containers are the developers’ favourite. The coming decade will witness the growth of containers. The credits of the trend mainly go to the ease of managing and storing the code, thus helping the developers.

Kubernetes, which is an open-source container orchestration system, became a hot trend in 2019. This platform is commonly used for automating application deployment, scaling, and management will continue to handle applications built out in multiple self-contained runtimes. Kubernetes will take advantage of the disruption in the industry and will continue to push innovation in 2020, felicitating application developers.

Mobile Cloud Computing Becomes A Global Trend

Mobile Cloud Computing is gaining popularity among developers. With the help of cloud computing technology, mobile applications are built, operated and hosted in the cloud. This increasing trend will ensure the rise of quality custom mobile application development with a strong focus on user experience to hit a large base of mobile users.

The increasing trend of mobile cloud computing is the biggest innovation in cloud computing. Cross platform mobile development and custom mobile application development companies must keep an eye on this trend. Mobile computing, along with cloud computing and wireless technologies, can make a huge impact in the tech market.

Cloud Gets Faster

As expected, the speed of computers and networks will be on the rise. With the improved computers, hardware and servers, the speed of computing will be faster. This improvement in the speed of the networks and servers will directly impact the computing speed of the cloud. The cloud will perform greater computing task faster and efficiently.


2020 is a year to look out for cloud computing. The coming generation of cloud computing will be revolutionized and will be performance-oriented. With growing innovations and services, cloud computing will be on the rise.

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What is cloud computing?

The on-demand availability of computer resources like data storage without any direct management by a user is known as cloud computing.

What is the future of cloud computing?

Cloud computing is cheaper and cost-effective, which will help businesses. Cloud computing will benefit both the host and the user. The usage of cloud computing will be on the rise.

What is the role of cloud computing in IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) generates an enormous volume of data every second. Cloud computing helps in storing, analyzing and processing the data, helping an organization reap the most out of the Internet of Things applications.

What is the use of cloud computing in web development?

In cloud computing, we use a remote server on the internet to process and manage data rather than a local server. This helps a web application to access data irrespective of the location. Cloud computing will play a major role in the growth of web development services.

How big is the cloud computing industry?

The global cloud computing market size for 2018 is estimated to be USD 36,700 million. The market share for cloud computing is expected to hit USD 28,5300 million by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 29.2% in 2019-2025.