It’s common knowledge that Facebook in the present scenario is the best and most effective social media platform. There has been a spike of 17% active users in the past couple of years alone. Ensure that your Facebook digital marketing strategy is distinctive since you can reach an unlimited number of potential customers on this platform as it is a next level for generating traffic. So if you want your business or brand to have the most effective Facebook marketing strategy, you can adopt the following ten steps not only to begin with but also for building an impressive plan.

Your Facebook Goals must be directly in accordance to your biggest requirements. Instead of creating irrational goals that will just increase Likes and followers, address your main goal with Facebook with effective tracking tools. Whether it is increasing sales, improving awareness among customers, efficient recruiting or smarter growth the social media marketing is sure to influence the whole organization.
Study your Target Market – Since demographics are vital for any marketing strategy it&rsquos very important to specify who you want to reach as there are over a billion people scrolling down every single day irrespective of age, income or location.
Select and Schedule the Content you post on Facebook – With Facebook there are innumerable opportunities for your brand content with images, stories, and videos. Post quality and compelling content for your business that focuses on your brand value along with creating a unique space for the organization. Being over promotional is not good as it can have its own limitations.
Create Facebook Ads along with optimizing them – Once you have done the basics and laid the foundation, the next step is to build Facebook ads. You can optimize business campaigns by keeping desktop and mobile ads separate with tools like Power Editor.
Always give a Call to Action – Your product can be noticed with great ads created by Facebook. Here traditional tools like Call to Action can do the trick.
Using Right Photos & Videos –  If your budget allows use photos from sites like  ‘Shutterstock’ as you will not have to face copyright issues later on. Try to use photos of people actually using your product instead of the product itself. Video ads always attract instant attention so it is best not to ignore its importance.
Engage your audience rather than waiting for them to interact  –  As with all social media channels converse with and engage your audience through chats, discussions and other means of reaching them. Do not just wait for the audience to interact.
Decide on the best day and time to post- Your Post insights will help you determine the right day and time to post when your audience is online. Tools like ‘ Sprout Social’  or ‘ HootSuite’ will assist you with the type of posts you should post on Facebook.
Use @ Feature on Facebook –  The @ feature of Facebook will allow you to tag people or other pages making your fans feel important thus building good relations between your customers and your business.
Analyze the Facebook Marketing Strategy  –  Finally, a good Facebook marketing strategy should be tracked and analyzed in detail when it comes to advertising metrics, the best time to post or the type of content to be published.

To conclude, if you wish to succeed you need to analyze insights that work with social media tools to keep a marketer ahead in the time to come. Always be open to changes and ways to improve.