One of the biggest innovations in the mobile app market, as announced by Apple, is the new Augmented Reality or ARkit bringing Augmented Reality apps for iPhone iOS 11. This specifies that from now on Apple&rsquos mobile platform will lay emphasis on Augmented Reality in a big way. The AR apps for both Android and iPhone will allow businesses and app developers to overlay the real world objects with digital data. In fact, you can feel its unconventional presence in many industries right from marketing and finance to even the fashion and travel sector.

Augmented Reality &ndash What does it actually Offer?
Augmented Reality gives rise to a new world with a combination of the real world and the digital one. In fact, ARkit uses sound, motion, picture and GPS data to certain components making the picture more informative and compelling. It uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO), Core Motion data, VIO fuses Camera Sensor data to correctly view the world around. Apple&rsquos A9, A10, and A11 processors are effectively run by Arkit. In other words, it has the capability to change reality by augmenting components in the environment. This allows businesses to lure customers into a digitally interactive and manipulative environment that can be woven into the real world.

How can Augmented Reality Benefit Businesses
ARkit is a platform that permits you to create a unique and exceptional augmented reality experience for both iPad and iPhone. The use of Augmented Reality makes it possible to showcase products that can help customers visualize the product in their homes.
Augmented Reality app offers a great interactive experience creating an effective dual communication between customers and your brand thus taking your business to a new higher level. It actually allows virtual objects to be visible in the real world on vertical surfaces with improved scene understanding. A good example can be a car design that can be showcased by creating 3D virtual parts and projected with an AR mobile app. Signs, posters and other artwork can be effectively integrated into AR experience to bring life into a poster or fill a home with interactive content.

Specific Industries Benefiting from ARkit
ARkit app developers are increasingly developing customized AR apps for specific industries. In fact, the rise in Augmented Reality in an industry is expected to hit a new high by 2020. Some industries that are using Augmented Reality apps are:

Real Estate
Automotive Industry
Manufacturing & Retail

Augmented Reality in iPhone App Development

How can you enhance User Experience with Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality app goes a long way in reinventing your brand along with establishing an interactive relation with customers providing them a richer and an enhanced user experience. A blend of creativity, research, and innovation where attention is given to details can bring out persuasive AR apps. You can provide an engrossing user experience by permitting customers to interact with real-time information by overlaying it with digital information of your products.