Beacons are a cutting-edge retail marketing technology in this world of omnichannel retailers shopping whereby the process of customers interacting with brands takes a significant change. It revolutionizes the way devices prove helpful for consumers providing them a compatible and amicable shopping experience. iBeacon battery life is tremendous comparing to usual GPS based solutions. Beacon or iBeacon technology allows mobile apps to locate the geographic location of users delivering appropriate content according to their present environment with the help of Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It basically means getting in touch with the right person at the relevant time with the right product or services required.

Uses of iBeacon Technology for Marketing
The typical uses of Beacons in the retail scenario are as follows

Get in touch with customers
Provide them with offers & coupons that are proximity based
Provide relevant loyalty program information
Permit contactless payments
Sell appropriate products according to time and circumstances

Benefits of Beacons as a Marketing Strategy
Beacons can benefit businesses in a large way by collecting data of customers that can help to target content sent to them. Since beacons work in coordination with mobile apps, it becomes easier for retailers to modify their marketing strategies like promotional offers, store layouts etc in such a way to better affiliate with the customers regarding what they really. In fact, beacons have the ability to make shoppers shop instantly by offering prompt promotions thus encouraging them to buy instantly rather than looking around for better deals online.
There are certain steps retailers and brands adopt for providing a good marketing experience

Use of Analytics for Optimization of Merchandise – Large amounts of untapped data can be collected by retailers with the help of beacons enhancing in-store customer experience.
Beacons have the ability to take customer engagement to a totally higher level providing product information specifically depending on their location catering to their specific needs.
Empowering Sales Associates –  Retailers are empowered with devices that allow customers to get in touch with sales associates within the app whenever they require assistance.
Contextual Applicability –  Contextual relevance is vital as shoppers are already using shopping apps so they can go further and try proximity-based apps to get personalized marketing messages.
Contactless Payments –  In-store use of beacons permit shoppers to make purchases in real time without using any physical payment options like cash or credit cards.
Digital Loyalty & Customers Rewards –  Retail stores send offers with bonus points for their loyalty card holders which often customers tend to forget while shopping. Beacon Bluetooth can be used by shoppers that allows them to earn points on entering the stores which can be exchanged for coupons later

The Future of iBeacons
Bluetooth technology has already been in use to unlock cars or paint digitally to improve customer experiences. Similarly, beacons in combination with Bluetooth technology can help to streamline businesses as it allows immediate access to all electronic records or physical spaces that can prove to be a money saving for large businesses. Big industries are already using beacon technology to collect customer data and earn money through promotional offers. Beacons can be used in future to locate equipment, track employees or even your personal items if need be.
Proximity-based beacons have thus made radical changes in the Digital marketing world with an increased number of industries incorporating this technology. Marketing has certainly become simpler and easier enabling consumers with a consistent cross-channel shopping experience.