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Our swift application development services is designed to work exceptionally well with Apple’s Cocoa & Cocoa Touch Frameworks along with Objective C-Code used in various and latest Apple products.

What is Swift App Development

Swift is a multiple combined language program designed by Apple especially for iOS, WatchOS,macOS, tvOS and Linux. Swift is designed in a way to work effectively with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks along with Objective-C code used for Apple products. This program is supposed to be more flexible, safer and compactly built with LLVM compiler framework that was included in Xcode 6 to begin with, and later on, on other platforms. The Objective-C runtime library lets C++, Objective-C and Swift code to all run within one program. This is where are technological experts come into the picture, helping all our clients with installing Swift App development programs and also assisting them to work with them in an effective manner.

The Latest version of the Swift App development program Swift 3 was introduced by Apple at the 2016 event of WWDC. This was done to get the quickest and most systematic performance from its devices. Presently software ecosystems are quite diverse whether working on apps or on servers, but what is required is that Swift should be for all devices. Although Swift is an easier programming language for newcomers to learn than Objective-C projects.

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There are certain new features that have been added to Swift.

Getting access to APIs

Apple has changed the API language considerably to emphasize on clarity.

Parameter Labelling

Big changes in parameters labeling have been brought about in Swift 3 due to changes in the API language.

Playground Support

For Xcode 8 there is playground support to download snapsots. It is simple to download the latest snapshots of Swift in Xcode and start using.


This is another area that has changed due to syntax.


In case of unused results in any function, a warning is given.

UI Testing

By including UI testing Apple continues to support DevOps as continuous integration is required to maintain a scalable DevOps process.

Advantages of Swift Apps

There are many advantages that Apple’s Swift has over the other Objective-C code.

  • Apple’s Swift has a clean syntax :Swift has been designed to be an easier and simpler programmer language to read and code. The functions of Swift syntax are easier to understand and do not require semi-colons at the end of each line. Fewer symbols are used in Swift and it is generally more efficient than Objective-C.
  • Memory allocations :Another big advantage of Swift is memory allocations do not have to be managed by the developers. Variables are initialized before being used, whereas arrays and integers are checked for any overflow while the memory is managed automatically. Thus apps made by Swift’s memory management will be more reliable benefitting both developers and non-developers.
  • Swift is faster :while being less error-prone. Apple has made all efforts to improve the speed of Swift and has beaten C++ in many computations like algorithms. Moreover its language construction and syntax eliminate several potential mistakes seen in Objective-C
  • Swift is interactive : and closer to other platforms. Playgrounds comprehend the data and programmers can check and correct any problem. Apple’s modern programming language is comparatively easier to understand making Swift closer to other platforms.
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Our trained programmers can help you to download Swift from the Mac App store and also teach you to write apps with Swift 3.

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