2017 has been a great year for Internet of Things bringing about a lot of transformation with nearly every industry investing in it and others moving to implement IoT solutions. Despite the last year gaining in connectivity, 2018 will see a steady growth that will see many ups and downs. There are expected to be a lot of growth with large investments for some major industries adopting IoT, but on the other hand there are expected to be some frustration and fragmentation due to potential data violation and serious security issues.
Read More About :How Does the Internet of Things WorksSo what does one expect in 2018? We have listed some trends that we will observe in this year

Digital Twin

The next step in the world of IoT technology tends is Digital Twin, a virtual doppelganger. In this software ridden world Digital Twin technology will coordinate between the digital and the physical. It visualizes the understanding and dependability of quality, usability and traceability making it an integral part of operations and interactions, customizing it for specific clients. Digital Twin will empower developers to build, create, monitor and maintain products in virtual environments. Organizations can keep developing the product through proactive and predictive maintenance before any costly failures or delays.


In the year 2018 Blockchain will play a pivotal role in improving security and making consistent transactions and allowing the supply chain to be more effective. It helps to build trust between parties and people who transact together. Blockchain and IoT together help in reducing monetary costs and time commitments by removing any intermediary from the whole process. This will allow more transactions to take place due to less time required for any legal and contractual commitments. Thus these blockchain solutions help organizations to improve their efficiency, adopt new models while transforming customer relations.

Shifting to Edge

As explosive data is created through IoT, companies are required to find an effective and cheaper way to process it. Here edge networking becomes a necessity for computing and storage and to cut costs and reduce usage of networks. It is estimated that 40% of IoT created data will be effectively stored, analysed and processed at the edge of networks by 2019.

Security in Internet of Things

Security concerning connected devices has become very important to make our lives better and easier in 2018. All those involved in the IoT ecosystem have one aim ie to see that the security of data, devices and solutions is maintained in the present year. Here application developers, device manufacturers, consumers, integrators, operators and entrepreneurs all should follow the best security practices. IoT security thus needs to have a multi layered approach beginning from design and development and going on to software and hardware but keeping the data secure through all these processes. The full potential of IoT can only be reached if all security challenges are properly addressed.

Cognitive Computing and IoT

Cognitive Computing is used to gain deeper insights into the various processes of IoT. The amount of data can be improved for learning environment with cognitive computing. This will allow sensors to capably diagnose and adapt to the environment with no human intervention. Cognitive IoT can easily combine multiple streams of data to identify patterns.
On the whole we predict a constant growth in the adoption of IoT in 2018 where companies can earn big profits after studying the potential of IoT.

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