Today, the power of smartphone devices helps us in connecting and engaging with people from across the globe, all of this is done through the means of mobile applications. It doesn’t matter which industry vertical your business belongs to, a secure mobile app solution can help it in interacting with the target audience customers and assisting in building a long-term work relationship.

2Base Technologies is a global web and mobile application development company that is based in India. The team at 2Base Technologies offers premium application development services related to mobile, web, enterprise and many more advanced technologies.


The organization has been in the IT industry for almost a decade now and has successfully delivered hundreds of projects to its clients worldwide. Looking at their track record, MobileAppDaily thinks they deserve a place in their exclusive list of best mobile app development companies of the year 2019.

Why Did MobileAppDaily Choose 2Base Technologies?

Over the past few years, MobileAppDaily has transformed itself into one of the leading media and news portals that covers all the latest and trending updates from the world of mobile applications. The platform is a one-stop destination for all mobile app users and people who consider themselves as tech enthusiasts to read about what’s happening in the mobile app industry.

Since the beginning, 2Base Technologies has been providing expert software engineering and consultancy services to clients globally. As a custom software development company, their team has served various clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. They are known to combine their experience in the business domain with the overall technical expertise to provide the best end-to-end software solutions.

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How to select a top mobile app development company?

  • Know your mobile app demands
  • Make Use of Your Professional Network
  • Check the reputation of your company.
  • App Designing Standards
  • Cost effective
  • Check for past experience

What is mobile app development?

Mobile application development is the process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices. With the growing popularity of smartphones, the development of mobile apps is becoming more common medium for software development.

What is the benefit of mobile site over an app for businesses?

Check out the benefits of mobile site over an app for businesses:

  • Mobile sites allow for easy updating
  • You have to build a separate site for tablets and phones
  • Mobile sites require approvals before one can gain access.
  • Mobile sites only work on Android

How to create an app?

Following are the steps you need to take for creating an app – 

  • Sketch your app idea
  • Implement some market research
  • Create mockups of your app
  • Make your app’s graphic design
  • Create your app landing page
  • Make the app with Xcode and Swift
  • Launch the app in the App Store
  • Market your app to reach the right people
  • Improve your app with user feedback

What is Mobile App Daily?

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