Food delivery apps like UberEats, GrabFood, Swiggy, Zomato, Grubhub, and Deliveroo have been a hit around the people, especially among the youth. These apps to order food play a pivotal role in making our lives easier, faster, and convenient. These on-demand apps are our saviour from our hunger.

According to Business Insider, food delivery expects to hit the $75.9-billion mark in business by the end of 2022. Food delivery apps are one among the fastest growing businesses at present.

As a restaurant’s owner, this app acts as a bridge between you and food lovers. Users can interact with your business around the clock conveniently. So, how to build a food delivery app as Uber eats?

An app to order food comprises three sections. They are customer app, delivery agent app, and admin panel for restaurants.

Customer App

A custom mobile application development company must serve both the iOS and Android user base. On creating an account and signing in, customers can browse through various restaurants and place their orders. Here are some of the features the app should have:

  • The customer should be able to make their order easily
  • The customers should enter their contact details
  • The customers must be able to track their orders within the app
  • Promo codes should be available

Delivery Agent App

Similar to customer apps, custom mobile app development for the delivery agents is a must. They sign up, create an account and can choose their working time, duration and mode of delivery according to their convenience. The food delivery app assigns a delivery agent when someone orders. Here are some of the key features for the delivery agent app:

  • Order management page
  • Communication with hotels and customers
  • Track their delivery history

Admin Panel

An admin panel is mandatory for restaurant mobile app development. After partnering with a food delivery platform, the restaurant can manage the orders and menu from here. Restaurants can update vital information like their opening and closing time, offers, address, contact details and more. The admin panel also helps the restaurants to update the pricing of items, changes in a menu based, the availability of an item and more.

Analyze The Current Market

For a food delivery app to be successful, cater to the needs of the users. Before starting the mobile app development, do a study on the market of the USA. Research about your competitors and figure the unique selling point of your app. Find out what gap can you fill in the current USA market.

Plan The Features

To have clarity while developing the app, it is necessary to choose the features that you boast of. Apart from the basic features such as registration, search, payment, order status and location tracking, try incorporating innovative features such as making orders through smartwatches or by using social media, bookmarking favourite dishes and restaurants, and more.

Design And Development

After planning the features, it’s time to design and develop your food delivery app. Contact a premium software development company. A good custom mobile application development company will help to provide a catchy design and the best features in the app.


Every restaurant needs a food delivery app. With the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, more people prefer a mobile app to order food. Wondering how a delivery app helps your restaurant business? Say hi for free consulting.

How much does it cost to create an app like UberEats?

It is hard to estimate the cost of creating an app as each project has its unique requirements. The cost depends on the design, number of pages, technology and more.

What are the advantages of custom business applications?

The advantages of custom application development are:

  • Specially designed for certain tasks
  • Minimal problems
  • Lower costs
  • Enhanced business security
  • Unparalleled technical support

How to make a react native food delivery app?

There are a few steps to make a react native app. They are:

  • Market Study
  • Plan The Features
  • Design And Development

What are the key features of a perfect on-demand food delivery app?

Bowsing the menu and hotels, adding to cart, adding contact details, payment gateways and checkout are the must-have features for an on-demand app to deliver food.

How to create a food delivery app with 2Base Technologies?

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