Kerala is popularly known as  ” God’s Own Country ”  is one of the busiest tourist spots all around the calendar. The evergreen Hill Stations, scintillating Backwaters, Summer Beaches and a calm aura throughout the 39000 Sq Km is what the tourists are enticed by. These are what captures the imagination of the tourist who looks at Kerala for leisure.

Now, there is a whole new trend that attracts people all over, this time more than tourists its businesses and entrepreneurs from the Middle East as well as the West are the ones who take the interest. Technopark is the largest development area in Asia and is a pointer in the direction of how the industry has molded itself amongst its competitors. Export revenues have been growing steadily at a pace of not less than 30% year after year according to government statistics.

Kerala holds 94% of literacy rate against the national average of 74%. Start-ups, Small and Medium-sized businesses from the developed countries make use of the IT design and development services from Kerala on lower rate comparatively.

While India has transformed as the exporter of knowledge-intensive services and significant repository of technical and scientific intellectuals, Kerala is attracting opportunities in the IT industry. Software and its related services have seen an exponential growth over the previous years and there was a quantum leap in the export of talent because companies in the European countries and in America have been outsourcing their tasks to companies in Kerala as a direct result of less overhead cost as well as the resource cost for the same task.
Kerala which has always been famous for a high percentage of people starting their own business saw a new opportunity with the IT boom that happened in the country. Kerala has evolved to be a cost-efficient destination for IT companies because there are a lot of entrepreneurs trying to make it big here. It is also to be noted that, what the Government of Kerala spends on investing in IT is the highest in the country as it expands the job market.

While it is to be acknowledged and admitted that there is much more room for the IT industry to grow, Kerala is all set for the final push as it keeps increasing the export revenue at a steady pace with the help of all the pointers explained above.