The COVID-19 pandemic has poised serious health threats globally. With over 873,800 reported cases and over 43,300 deaths globally, the coronavirus has affected our lives and our lifestyle, in one way or another. The novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China has now impacted over 170 countries over the globe. How did the virus spread from a single source to be a global pandemic? Let’s analyze the various phases of the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

Stage 1: Imported Case

The imported cases are the first stage of the virus reports in a country. The foreigners and others who have travelled along virus-infected countries bring the virus along with them. Passengers at international airports need to be screened and quarantined if doubtful. Imported cases are the easiest to contain.

Stage 2: Local Spread

The local cases are the second stage of the virus spread. Here, the infected have somehow come in contact with the infected who have a travel history. Obtaining a route map of those with travel history and then finding and quarantining the possible who have come in contact with them is a remedy.

Stage 3: Community Transmission

Community transmission is a very dangerous phase of the pandemic spread. Here, an infected person has no direct exposure to a person with the travel history to the infected countries or with another infected person. Community transmission effects a large area, and therefore, it’s one of the most dangerous phases of the spread.

Stage 4: Epidemic

This is the last phase and the most deadly of the transmission. The viral disease has no clear endpoints and takes the shape of an epidemic. The disaster management will go out of control.

Yano’s Tweets

An Italian Twitter user named Jason Yanowitz took the platform to explain the step-by-step transmission of the pandemic in Italy. His tweets are referred to as an “eye-opener” and have 228k likes and 133.3k retweets.