The COVID-19 pandemic is raising growing concerns globally, spreading to over 150 countries and causing around 9,000 deaths. To prevent being infected, people are practising hand sanitizing, wearing masks and maintaining a social distance. But there is one important thing missing. Your smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. How safe is your smartphone from the deadly coronavirus?

It’s a general belief that wiping the smartphone with a cloth or microfiber will do the trick, but no. A simple wiping of the electronic device is ineffective against the deadly virus. The usage of general disinfecting liquids and solution which we use to clean other surfaces can harm the screen or the device.

First, turn off the device. To clean the metal and plastic surfaces of the gadgets, clean it with a dry cloth at first. Then, slightly dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe it clean. For keyboards and speakers, clean it with a compressed air duster. To clean the screen and glass surfaces, use alcohol-based lens wipes available at a local pharmacy. If the wipes are not available, you can use isopropyl alcohol instead. Mix one portion of the alcohol to two portions of distilled water. Spray the solution on to a microfiber cloth and clean the surface quickly. As isopropyl alcohol is volatile, it gets dry quickly. Then, use a dry cloth to clean off the water and alcohol remnants from the screen. You can turn on the device now.

If you are not fond of alcohol-based sanitizers or liquid-based disinfectants to clean your gadgets, you can use a UV-C light sanitizer to kill off the germs on your electronic device. However, a UV-C device is the most expensive method.

Cleaning your phone is ineffective if the cover is dirty. While cleaning the phone, the cover needs to be clean. If your phone case is made out of a plastic/silicone material, soak it in a soapy water solution and rinse off with water before drying it clean. Clean leather cases by applying the soapy solution on a microfiber cloth and then applying it to the surface. Clean wooden cases with a solution of water and vinegar, then washed off with clean water.

Keeping your electronic devices clean is as vital as maintaining personal hygiene. As the gadgets, smartphones and other surfaces are highly prone to the coronavirus, make sure to keep them sanitized.