With the Novel Coronavirus pandemic hitting hard globally, people are forced into self-isolation as a preventive measure from spreading. With the global pandemic spreading worldwide and affecting businesses, both small scale and big, companies are encouraging employees to work from home. Employees can set up their homes as office rooms and workstations. However, here are a few ways to take care of to increase productivity while working at home.

Be Prepared For Office

Set your alarm as per the usual time, take a bath and have a healthy breakfast. Be prepared as if you are going to your office. The mental association between your office and work helps in increasing your productivity. Focus on your work with a mindset that it’s your office.

Select Your Working Space

The home office is a great idea, but it’s crucial to find the perfect spot suiting your needs. The work environment is essential in fuelling your creativity and increasing productivity. Make sure that your work area has stable internet connectivity. It’s recommended to have proper ventilation and natural lighting to increase your efficiency.

Set Your Schedules

Interruptions and disturbances can reduce your productivity. When at home, we are highly prone to these interruptions. Therefore, it’s crucial to set a schedule for your daily activities. Our daily schedule needs to be shared with our teammates, letting them know when you will be working. Let your friends and family know your work timings to avoid interruptions. Make sure you turn off the notifications of your mobile phone when working.

Take Breaks

As important as working the whole day is taking breaks. Take breaks of small periods, walk a few steps, drink enough water or munch your favourite snacks. Read a chapter of a good book. Try a breathing exercise or spend a few minutes to water your garden. Short breaks are important in destressing yourself.

Log Off

Logging off from your work at the right time is important. Just because you have access to the work anytime, you don’t have to work 24 x 7. If any work or idea comes up at the last moment, note it down and start afresh tomorrow. Enjoy your leisure time.