With the coronavirus hitting hard around the globe, the concerned authorities are doing their best to stop the pandemic. Along with general practices like sanitizing and washing your hands and wearing a mask, strict measures like maintaining a social distance self-isolation are taken. Employees are encouraged to avail the Work From Home option. Schools, colleges are closed. Religious and political gatherings are stopped indefinitely. The IT world is prepping to combat the pandemic.

Self-isolation and maintaining a social distance can be stressful and really hard to deal with. The news of the pandemic spreading worldwide can be panic evoking. Moreover, the feeling of being disconnected with the world can make one anxious, frustrated or bored. Here are a few ways to keep yourselves engaged during this quarantine period.

Stay Connected

During the self-isolation period, it’s important to stay connected. Phone calls are amazing but seeing the face of your folks while communicating is a mood lifter and a loneliness killer. Various services are providing free video calls and wifi at home can cover the data spend. Don’t be shy. Turn on the camera and discuss your favourite movie you recently watched.

You are not the only person feeling anxious, bored, frustrated or stressed. If it’s been a while since you have heard from someone you care, make the first move and contact them. This is an anti-depressant for both of you.

Stay Calm

It’s natural to watch the news on the TV channels and read the papers regularly during the pandemic breakout. But this can do a negative impact on your mind. Take a break from the news and chill.

Be creative. If you an artist who loves to draw or paint, bring out the inner Picasso in you. Grab a canvas and paint your masterpiece. if you love writing, create a blog. Write an article and publish it online. Or else, write down a poem that’s been in your mind for a long time. Write down the lyrics of a song you want to perform with your band you are planning to start with your friends. Bring out the creative side in you.

Kill the anxiety and boredom during this quarantine period. Keep yourselves relaxed, healthy and productive during self-isolation. Remember, mental health is as important as physical health.