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Top 3 tips for Mobile Application Design

Top 3 tips for Mobile Application Design

Mobile applications design is completing all most all the profession as well as entertaining task these days. People are spending hours on developing and using these applications every day. These Best app design are not only increasing the work speed of the business but earning in pounds for them.

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Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

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In today’s world, running a business without effective marketing is impossible to think of. Especially in terms of digital marketing, you need to concentrate more. The statistics regarding the usage of mobile phones indicates that an average person spent nearly 4 hours per day in checking his/her mobile phones. The interesting fact is that they spend this time in various mobile applications installed in their smartphones.

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Android 7.0 Nougat Release,Review – Android Nougat

android n

Google officially declared the launch of the latest Android Update, Android N, which hasn’t been named yet. Android N is expected to be the best Android version release with much improvements and brand new features. The tech world is eagerly waiting for the Google’s mobile operating system new update.

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8 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile App

8 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile App-thumb

The trend of using mobile applicationsfor small and medium Enterprises (SME) for their business promotion strategies is quite common today. Compared to the previous timeswhenbusinesses were having just mobile-optimized websites, now they prefer for dedicated mobile apps. This strategy helps a lot in business planning and development.

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