In today’s world, running a business without effective marketing is impossible to think of. Especially in terms of digital marketing, you need to concentrate more. The statistics regarding the usage of mobile phones indicates that an average person spent nearly 4 hours per day in checking his/her mobile phones.  The interesting fact is that they spend this time in various mobile applications installed in their smartphones. This clearly reveals the possibilities of making use of mobile applications to reach your target customers. Today, more and more small and midsize businesses are following the  mobile app marketing trends to improvise their business growth.

Are you still thinking like, “I have a mobile optimized responsive website, so why should I go for a mobile app”?

Well, that’s not always the case. You need to think twice. You should be aware that you are behind your competitors without a mobile app. Do you think your customers still browse for your company website in their smartphones or just leave and go with your competitor’s attractive mobile app? The answer is quite clear. Businesses are striving to reach their customers where they spend the most amount of time, on their phone. So, having a user friendly mobile app featuring the services you offer, will definitely help you a lot in a marketing point of view.

Does My Business Really Need A Mobile App?

If you think that you don’t need a mobile app just because you have a mobile optimized website, then you are missing the huge potential that mobile apps have over websites today.


Mobile apps are the most effective sales and marketing tool for businesses and organizations to keep in touch with their contacts. Mobile apps mainly help in letting you know instant feedback from your customers. They can share their feelings when they got your product, or how they felt when they were experiencing your quality services or could simply share the love they have for you, all by using a simple mobile app. There are various exciting features like geo-location identification, cameras, sensors, holography, augmented reality, and such trending technologies integrated in mobile apps which you couldn’t find on a traditional website. It’s not necessary that your apps have the most up-dated technologies included in it; just having a potential mobile app is enough, for you can always update it once the app is available.

Having a mobile application and maintaining a mobile presence is a must in today’s market. Even after you build the app you need to properly market it to get better reach for your business.

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Statistics of usage of mobile apps

The statistics shows that making a mobile app on your own is a worthy investment because the users of mobile apps are often more loyal to the brand when compared to those who visit the websites. The statistics reveals that the usage of app session is 3-4 times longer than those compared with the time spent on browsing websites.



Source for Statistics: Adobe Digital Index

There is more sales opportunity while having a mobile app so that your customers can get more updated information including checking locations, getting contact details, and knowing about the special offers provided by you. Especially in case of banking and other financial services, mobile apps are more secure and users trust more on them to log in and make transactions. It’s also much easier to handle than the website and helps to get actions done in a few clicks.

Among various apps on various mobile operating systems, Android Apps are used more often than other apps which come around 40% of the total usage.


Source for Analytics: Flurry Analytics, Comshore, NetMarketShare

Android users download more apps but the tendency is that they discard them after opening them for the first time. So, it is necessary to make your app more attractive and user friendly so that your customers don’t leave you behind. It is clear from the statistics that marketers need to mandatorily focus on creating mobile app and still should not ignore the significant role played by the mobile optimized websites. You have to analyse the usage patterns well in advance to improve the overall mobile experience.

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