As smartphones have become an essential part of work and businesses, organizations are embracing enterprise application development to stay ahead in the grueling race. With the growing rapid digitalization, companies of various sectors are relying on android application development services for custom business applications. A custom mobile application development strategy will be the key to the success of an organization, with the number of competitors increasing rapidly and the increasing opportunities in enterprise mobility solutions. Here are a few enterprise mobility management technology trends that you need to watch out.

  1. Adoption of Cloud is Increasing
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Performance Of Apps
  4. Location Based Services
  5. Security

Adoption of Cloud is Increasing

Today, cloud computing is a necessity, not a choice. This applies to enterprise mobility solutions too. Cloud computing is now attaining its peak position, thanks to vast development in technology. A business application can access information at any time and from anywhere at a reduced cost. Enterprise application development relies heavily on the cloud as it needs to grant users information readily on demand. With the introduction of the hybrid cloud, security concerns of custom mobile application development are addressed.

Internet of Things

The number of Internet of Things(IoT) devices is growing exponentially and might be the largest group of connected devices. By 2021, the mobile broadband subscription is expected to hit 7.7 billion, mobile subscription at 9 billion, and smartphone subscriptions at 6.3 billion. Businesses use IoT technology in their custom mobile application development to automate their operations. Android application development services make sure that their applications capture data from these devices, which are later analyzed for in-depth insights, helping companies make better decisions. A custom business application helps organizations to create strategies to make devices and processes more productive.

Performance Of Apps

The key highlight of any custom business application is its performance. An enterprise application needs to have a fast load speed, irrespective of network connectivity. Organizations are expecting custom mobile application development to perform useful functions even when they are offline.

Location-Based Services

The next hot trend for enterprise mobility solutions? Location-based services are in the hot spot. For eCommerce, location-based service means attracting more customers and increased awareness. A location-based enterprise application can track the user in real-time and can plan a custom marketing strategy.


With the ever-changing business, one concern remains the same; security. Enterprise applications provide access to the confidential business data, thus security will be a top concern for developers and organizations. Any mobile app development company must come with solutions for end-to-end mobile device management. Monitoring and managing of mobile devices, data, applications and network usage is a must for enterprises.


Investing in enterprise application development gives businesses a bleeding edge in the competitive market. A custom business application ensures higher productivity, enhanced collaboration, reduced hardware costs, and more efficiency. Want to know more about the latest enterprise mobility trends? Say hi for free consulting.

What is the enterprise mobility solution?

Enterprise mobility is a trend where businesses offer remote working options, allowing the use of personal laptops and mobile devices to perform their duties.

What is Enterprise Application Example?

Examples of enterprise applications include billing systems, customer relationship management systems and supplier relationship management systems.

What is the purpose of Enterprise Applications?

The purpose of an enterprise application is to provide business logic and tools to model entire business processes for organisations to improve productivity and efficiency.

What are the challenges in Enterprise Application development?

Enterprise Applications are complex systems which require planning and expertise for development. Poor planning can cause the application to be faulty and costly.

What other big trends will dominate enterprise mobility and digital transformation in the future?

Enterprise applications are predicted to undergo the following changes:

  • Increase of BYOD practices
  • Increased usage of 5G
  • Adopting AI for mobile apps
  • Increase of mobile threat security tools